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Posted: 3/11/2002 9:48:45 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/11/2002 10:55:02 AM EDT by pbrstreetgang]
my new girlfriend(as of feb 14. -not bad considering i only got divorced jan 3! hold on a minute while i pat myself on the back [:)]...ahem!)happens to be an old friend from college. we started in kinda' the same place and went in very different directions. to cut it short- she's visiting ohio from a hippie community outside of sacremento, and i... well, i post here. on the way to the range she showed a little nervousness, so i gave her the range safety talk (the 4 rules) and a little speech about how objects are neither good nor bad- they are neutral. they take on only the significance you give them. eg: the truck we were riding in is a helpful tool, unless i decide to take a trip through a crowded schoolyard with it. the real weapon is between your ears. the tool merely simplifies the act- YOU are in control. she seemed to relax, and i don't think i confounded her too much! she said she didn't think she would like the long guns and was afraid of the recoil. i reassured her that with the ar's there was nothing to worry about, but that she could shoot- or not shoot anything she liked. so we get to the range and i start her out on my .22 buckmark. she pulls the trigger a few times, then makes a face. bor- ing. so i get my glock and walk up on the target a little (to give her a better chance of a hit). i attempt to impress her by demonstrating a few double-taps, then hand her the glock. same reaction. "it's cold, i'm going to wait in the truck". i say: "ok, i'm going to load mags for my uzi, maybe you'll find that more fun". "maybe" is her response. i was losing ground fast. i watch as she she walks toward the truck, past some of my friends, and gets engaged in conversation with them. i turned back to my magazines, feeling somewhat defeated. then, i look up to see my buddy (training officer for his department and one hell of a persuasive dude.) walking her to the firing line with his CAR-15!! i watch dumfounded as he shows her how to operate the weapon, and she fires a burst. then another. and another! i could just barely see the grin on her face. victory! all the glory goes to my pal, but i feel it just the same! at the end of the day, no semi-auto could ring her bell. with every weapon i took out she asked: "is that one automatic too?" as it turned out, she did like my uzi best. the vertical fore-grip, red dot sight, and 9mm cartridge, gave her more "control". "i see what you mean. the thrill IS in 'rounds on target', just like you said!" she said. cool! [beer] then we went back to my place and did the only thing better than a day of shooting.[;)] (ya know why divorce is sooo expensive?... because it's worth every penny!) btw, i got to shoot an m-14 in full-auto. jammed it on the first round by gripping the op rod. WTF??!! my friend handled it, no prob. but in fa, i was all over the place. no thank you. i'll stick to fal's. maybe i can find a transferable one one day...
Link Posted: 3/11/2002 9:54:53 AM EDT
give yourself some credit, you got her to the range.
Link Posted: 3/11/2002 10:05:02 AM EDT
good job. i love taking girls out for the first time. alot i have met have never handled a real gun [;D] they have no choice but to shoot the AR. most are scard of it but soon warm up after thefirst couple shots. then the empty the mag as fast as they can. dont know what it is about rapid fire but it sure does work!
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