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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/1/2001 9:37:37 PM EST
hey, i just got home and the ak-47.net board is down. anybody got links to photo albums?? i need pics!! hears the way the weekend went fer me, and i am defenatly going back next year: ended up leaving my house at like 5am, decided to drive thru chitown, geeze that was a great idea. took 2 hrs to get outta that mess. then the drive across indiana, that was exciting, then the toll road in ohio is nothing but cops every 2 miles. then 77 south was 5mph the whole way, so we took the backroads and found em. finally got to the camp ground at like 7pm i think, set the tent up, bought some beer and procedded to get my ass well drunk, and burn the hell outta my mouth with anti's soup (dont try to eat boiling soup if yer drunk, my mouth is still numb), also did a great job of making a fool outta myself, or so i hear. got up early the next morning made breakfest (ice beer rules, no hang over) fer the guys who rode along from WI and headed to the shoot. i friggen burned my poor maddi apart when we opened the line up, bumped 300 rounds thru it right of the bat, PG wiggled loose, upper handguard flange broke, cleaning rod fell out, burnt my hand on the barrel, the damn smoke was just a rolling off. heard later that there were some cops shooting to my left, and they were asking if i had a MG to the other shooters :) after that didnt shoot my guns much, fired some MG's thompson, mp40, ac156, HK51 (thanks mickeymouse and gang, yer cool as hell) got to meet the chief and buy a ton of mags, fer all u ak guys out there, he is the real deal, there is good stuff coming, be paitent. great guy, the polish AKM was a sweetheart too shoot, RPK was sweet, but that PK he had was the greatest, god that thing kicked ass, very controlable, and ripps the shit outta air conditioners ;) Cheif, thanks u kick royal ass!!! ended up picking up brass and BS'n with campy at the range till like 11pm, went back to camp and that was it fer the day, right to bed. man what a blast, was cool to met all u guys. the cheeseheads will be back next yer fer sure. easily worth the 750-800 mi trip down.
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