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Posted: 3/26/2006 11:56:08 PM EDT
$1.65 per hour for me , ya it was a long time ago .

Link Posted: 3/26/2006 11:58:44 PM EDT
I moved water pipe on a neighbors farm for 0.10 cent a pipe!

That's alot of pipe for a decent paycheck.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:03:05 AM EDT
In 82, 3 dollars and some odd cents, Taco Bell.

Worked for a arab guy named Abbas Hassan from Egypt. He just vanished one day, gone, thats it.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:06:15 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2006 12:06:31 AM EDT by christ0ph]
well as a kid, I got a penny for every weed I pulled out of the yard

Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:14:28 AM EDT
1994 or 95 Frisch's Big Boy 6.00/hr
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:20:48 AM EDT

Originally Posted By m-dc:
In 82, 3 dollars and some odd cents, Taco Bell.

Worked for a arab guy named Abbas Hassan from Egypt. He just vanished one day, gone, thats it.

Pushed him into the meat grinder, huh? He might have been cheap, but that's just nasty.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:25:57 AM EDT
$2.50 an hour (cash ) worked at a full-service gas station and on a farm the same people owned. Used to put up at least 16,000 bales of hay every summer and tended to as many as 100 cattle.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:29:43 AM EDT
Worked on a goddamn submarine. They didn't pay by the hour, and it wasn't enough anyway.

Still had a pretty good time, though. Except ORSE. That sucked.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:34:33 AM EDT
$3.15, and a 2 hour commute there and back by bus!

I tolerated that for a week. The work average Americans aren't willing to do, I guess.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:34:40 AM EDT
Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels. Hmm... 1997? Started at around $6.00/hr.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 12:58:38 AM EDT
$2.85 an hour, splitting firewood.

Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:06:39 AM EDT
$3.50/hr hard manual labor.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:07:00 AM EDT
USMC Recruit Training was my first job.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:14:06 AM EDT
$5.15/hour working concession at a movie theater. It was hot and you came home every day reaking of buttered popcorn.

Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:15:00 AM EDT
1.55 was min. wage . In 1970 -71, Manpower paid $4.00 hr. which was 2 1/2 - 3 x the min wage and was great money for a single guy. Tip jobs were best because in Ft Lauderdale in '71 I made $40.00 in tips for noon lunches bussing (4 waitresses) and got 2.50 hr. besides. Cab driving was $40+ take home in 4-5 hours in Milw. Wis. in '70.
Moved to Boise, Idaho in '85 and they were still paying $4.00 ...
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:15:28 AM EDT
Fo dollah's an twenty five cent hour.

I was bussin' tables like a mo-fo.

Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:29:37 AM EDT
$3.85/hr at a marina in '88.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:30:14 AM EDT
about $235.00 a month, slinging Newspapers as a kid. I had two routs in the mid 80's to the early 90's

Come to think of it, I have not seen kids doing paper routes around here in at least 10 years now.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:38:25 AM EDT
$3/hour washing dishes at a Chinese place named "Loung Hing".
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:54:03 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2006 1:59:16 AM EDT by usmc5593]
1987 @ $3.15 per hour for working a "PIGGLY WIGGLY" a grocery store when I was 15 I lied and told them I was sixteen. It was "all good" until they started finding empty beers ever where, lmao wasn't long after that I decided that that wasn't my type of job! I liked "hell raisin" much much better!!! So I kept that job (which didn't pay shit and sometimes I was forced to pay out), yep my parents were never the same after that!!

Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:59:55 AM EDT

Originally Posted By 688manuvering:
$1.65 per hour for me , ya it was a long time ago .


Me too. It was a LONG time ago. I remember when I hit $2 an hour,I felt like a real hi-roller.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 2:07:34 AM EDT
$3.53/hr. for the great state of Oklahoma's dept. of tourism and recreation.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 2:13:12 AM EDT
Randall's Grocery store. $6.00 per hr

Pappadeaux cajun Seafood $2.13 + tips
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 2:15:59 AM EDT
$8.00 an hour, time and half for over time.

window factory
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 2:29:34 AM EDT
Survey crew, 1984


Paid for my Van Halen albums and Commodore equipment
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:02:30 AM EDT
$5.40 an hour, was working at the Youth Corps in historic repair. I think the work was more interesting than it was well-paying.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:04:17 AM EDT
$3.50 cleaning up a meat store after closing for about 20 hours a week.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:19:55 AM EDT
4.25 an hour for pushing carts at K-Mart in the blazing Arizona heat...and I remember thiking I was doing good if I broke 100 dollars a paycheck...

good times!!
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:26:26 AM EDT
$3.35 per hour working as a part time janitor for my dad's company in the late '80s.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:26:36 AM EDT
$3.15 per hour as an electrical apprentice.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:27:15 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2006 3:28:16 AM EDT by hanau]
1985, $3.50 hr after school tearing car engines down for my uncle.

thats when i learn you don't work for family.but i also learn alot during that time about work ethics.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:30:32 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:36:43 AM EDT
Age 15--

Swabbed toilets, mopped floors and emptied trash cans: $1.90 per hour.

Satisfaction of earning my own money: priceless.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:43:51 AM EDT
Age 12 in 1987 making $4 per hour parting out VWs. It was great job, I got to cut up cars with a torch.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:49:33 AM EDT
$3.35/hr working in a local Chuckie Cheese type place
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 3:50:02 AM EDT
$3.35 an hour. Minimum wage.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:04:21 AM EDT
~$3.25/hr IIRC
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:07:26 AM EDT
Get payed by the day... 65$ a day, then 75$ a day and now 85$ a day. Been working for 6 months so not too bad.

Sometimes the job has long hard hours and it sucks. Sometimes we sit around all day or ride around all day.

Usually we spend a few hours a day riding from job to job, when the boss comes on jobs with us he might buy everyone lunch or buy drinks all day.

And if anyone gets into any trouble with the law he'll get emm out, even out of jail . tickets fixxed, court dates and such. I've never really needed his help in that area yet though .
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:08:16 AM EDT
$3.55 an hour flipping burgers...
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:09:39 AM EDT
$5/hr as the tennis court guy.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:11:53 AM EDT
what's a real job?
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:21:07 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:23:03 AM EDT
$1.25/hr. Panama Canal Company, Canal Zone, Panama. Unskilled labor between high school and college. Strung barbed wire around the canal. Cleared culverts. Built cotter dams (4X8' sheets of wood w/bolted on 55 gal drums w/vinal sheeting between them) to be placed around ships sunk in the canal to keep ships cargo from contaminating the canal
Part of a team that disassembled a 36 lane bowling alley by hand down to the concrete foundation
(in Balboa). Bowling lanes came apart in three sections, carried out of the building by hand. Estimated weight 1.5 tons each (section). The year was 1971. I saved enough to buy a Pentax camera with zoom lens & some accessories. I STILL have the camera, though it is an antique now. It used mercury batteries. They no longer make the batteries but the camera still works!
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:42:05 AM EDT
4.25/hr at Chick-Fil-A in high school. Working the griddle, boxing up orders, french-fry station, pressure deep fryer station, breading chicken, and washing dishes. By the end I was put on dishes every other day. That freakin' sucked. I lasted 8 months.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:49:20 AM EDT
Sir, FWIW I earned $1.25/hr at a place called the "Pizza Hut" in Fairborn, Ohio before there was a national chain of the same name. I went back there some years ago, they had to change the name. I worked KP at the WPAFB Officers club for the same amount my first year in college. HTH, 7zero1.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:57:25 AM EDT
50 cents per hour in 1963, IIRC. Charles.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 4:59:53 AM EDT
1996 - 4 hours a day, $100 a week, cash on the barrel head (before I knew any better)

I worked as a computer tech at a small hole in the wall shop in downtown Modesto, California. I got the job on my 16th birthday.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 5:04:48 AM EDT
I was paid $3.25 as a bus boy and then I went to $4.00 an hour at a warehouse job when I was 18. Damn that sucked, but I was still able to buy my first AR and some nice surplus stuff. Of course I could not afford to feed them much.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 5:17:01 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2006 5:19:28 AM EDT by Spade]
$5.25 at the RITSkeller at RIT.

It wasn't that bad, and we did the snack bar at the hockey games, so I got to watch them for free. The only part that sucked was serving all the crazy hippie art students, except for one. One was polite and called me "sir" and that guy got good sandwiches. The crazy vegan that demanded I use bleach to clean everything, including our cutting boards and knives before we could make her food, well, she got ham salad in her sandwich.

It was odd. If the person was obviously crazy left, we food service folks got treated like shit. And here they're supposed to be for the little worker guy.
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 5:17:39 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2006 5:19:44 AM EDT by out-a-ammo]

Originally Posted By 688manuvering:
$1.65 per hour for me , ya it was a long time ago .


Same here, back in the 70s. A dime was considered a good raise back then.

Edited for spelling

Link Posted: 3/27/2006 5:19:44 AM EDT
Minimum wage of $3.35 per hour in 1984 with a 45 minute commute to work and I was glad to have a job
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