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Posted: 12/10/2001 11:09:49 AM EDT
[url]http://news.independent.co.uk/world/asia_china/story.jsp?story=109257[/url] The guy did exactly what he shouldn't have done--balled up and allowed himself to be beaten senseless. I would have tried to react faster and gotten onto the bus where I could at least have not been totally surrounded. Idiot, liberal journalist playing with fire and not realizing what he has gotten into. I think the story also emphasizes just how much westerners are hated.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 11:29:55 AM EDT
Nothing new, they're just looking for some free stuff. Dirt poor people see the journalist and his wealth, and just rob him. Later, they make up a sob story about how they are so mad at the US. The ol' "It's your fault, not mine" attitude.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 11:40:37 AM EDT
[b]'...A small boy tried to grab my bag. Then another. Then someone punched me in the back. Then young men broke my glasses..."[/b] The guy's a pussy, and got beat up... ...just like when he was a schoolboy.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 11:53:32 AM EDT
I'll second that. Actually, the guy probably gives pussies a bad name. I'd bet anything that the second this guy showed a hint of fear they just started to pile it on.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 11:54:14 AM EDT
I'm having a hard time believing his account of what happened to be accurate and/or true. sensationalism at its best. One minute he's on the ground and they are bashing his skull in with rocks and then the next minute he is knocking out their teeth... And the crap about "I don't blame them"... If your head is being used as a rock crusher, for whatever reason, you had better start fighting for your life.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 11:59:00 AM EDT
I saw this piece of shit interviewed last night. He's going back to talk with the refugees that beat the crap out of him to find out how many lost relatives to AMERICAN bombs. He doesn't blame those who beat him he blames America for civilian casualties. He must have said "civilian casualties" five times within seconds. Virtually a pure liberal. It was not his fault, it was not the perp's fault, it was America's fault.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 11:59:32 AM EDT
He should have started beating them with his riding crop, while shouting: [b]"Get away, you bloody wogs!"[/b] They would have understood that.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 12:03:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 12:04:06 PM EDT
I forgot to mention the man in the long white robe who rescued him and walked him to the Pakistan guards who were very afraid. He's also going back to find this guy. With any luck he'll be journalist No. Nine - gone.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 12:09:14 PM EDT
Talk to the hand. Where do these pussies come from?
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 12:11:20 PM EDT
I won't care when I hear that he gets his brains bashed when he goes back. Heck, he is so guilty, he should beat himself up.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 12:40:15 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/10/2001 12:34:00 PM EDT by Dolomite]
"He should have started beating them with his riding crop, while shouting: [b]'Get away, you bloody wogs!'[/b]" ...and that pretty much sums up how the British Empire spread itself around the last 500 years or so.
Link Posted: 12/10/2001 5:51:22 PM EDT
Did you notice the part where he says how the "one man with a rifle" pretty much kept the whole crowd at bay? Hmmmm.
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