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Posted: 10/14/2004 4:50:34 AM EDT
Gotta love this one...



By Safa Haeri
Posted Tuesday, September 28, 2004

PARIS, 28 Sept. (IPS) The demonstrations that took place in Tehran and
some other major Iranian cities on Sunday 26 September 2004 on the
call by a maverick, if not lunatic, Iranian opponent reverberated by
the Los Angeles-based Iranian radio and television stations shows

above all the degree of the hate the Iranians have for the ruling
ayatollahs and the vulnerability of the Islamic Republic, according to
political analysts and experts.

On the invitation of a certain Ahoura Pirouz Khaleqi Yazdi, an
"unknown illustrious" who, since two months ago, promises the
"liberation" of Iran from the grip of the ayatollahs on first of
October, hundreds of people and cars poured into the streets, blaring
horns, congratulating each other and distributing sweets and
patisseries to passer byes.

That so many people come out on the invitation of a man whom they
don't know tells you that the society, frustrated, humiliated,
oppressed and insulted by the clerics, has reached the explosion point.

Addressing Iranians inside the country on the Rangarang (multicolour)
television, Mr. Ahoura who has predicted the "disappearing" of the
mullahs, the restoration of a secular and democratic regime
, had urged
Iranians to come out on Sunday 26 September for peaceful demonstrations.

According to press reports, about two thousand people milled around
streets in downtown Tehran, many of them driving cars up and down
major avenues, honking their horns and flashing victory signs.
Hundreds of volunteer militiamen arrived on the scene, but there were
no violent clashes.

Although demonstrations for democracy are rather rare in Iran, but it
is not unusual neither, for, in the past, Iranian students have taken
to the streets several times to call for change from the country's
conservative clerical leadership.

In 1999, the closure of a reformist newspaper led to student protests
and six days of rioting. In 2003, thousands of students held nightly
marches in Tehran, backed by ordinary people, on the incitation of
foreign-based radio and televisions, most of them pro-Monarchy.

"That so many people come out on the invitation of a man who was the
centre of jokes and laughter for the last two-three months tells you
about the depth of the hate the Iranians for the ruling ayatollahs. It
also shows that the society, frustrated, humiliated, oppressed and
insulted by the clerics, has reached the explosion point. It is also
dangerous, for it shows that any group, or a hostile nation with
proper planning and program, might bring down the Islamic Republic",
one Iranian journalist told the Persian service of Radio France
Executions in Iran

Those who have heard Dr. Ahoura say he seems to be a bit illiterate,
his Farsi is weak and he lack charisma.

So, how to explain the presence of so many people in the streets, not
only in the capital, but also major cities and even some smaller ones?

"As soon as Iranians hear something, as soon some one invites them to
come out into the streets and demonstrate against the regime, there
are plenty, mostly young ones, to heed", a analyst in Tehran explained
to Iran Press Service, adding that the last Sunday after noon
demonstrations was not "that strange".

"People are so desperate that they are ready to throw themselves into
the fire. They came out, greeted each other, saying haxa, haxa–code
name of Dr Ahoura -- mobarak, tabrik (felicitation, congratulation)
without ever thinking what that haxa means or that Mr. Ahoura speaks
as he is another God's Messenger?", he pointed out.

Mr. Alireza Nourizadeh, an independent journalist in London says
Iranians are so desperate for change nowadays that they are willing to
believe anything. He added that many who don't put faith in Dr.
Ahoura's claims still went into the streets out of a desire to see
something happen.

"The majority of people who participated in the demonstration came out
either out of curiosity or they came out expecting something big is
going to happen," he said. "I mean, I was talking to a university
professor and he was telling me: I know all this is a shamble, it's
crooks, and all of that, but I came out with my wife and my children
just to see what's going to happen", the Voice of America quoted Mr.
Nourizadeh as having explained.

The Iranian Labour News Agency ILNA described the protesters as
"monarchists", loyal to the monarchy regime that was toppled in the
1979 by Grand Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic
revolution and founder of the present Islamic Republic.

"These people are obviously under the influence of the Iranian
opposition based abroad", the report said, confirming also that some
clashes had occurred and several demonstrators arrested by Law
Enforcement Forces and plain clothes agents.

The leniency – some says unusual -- the Police showed towards the
demonstrators prompted other analysts asking if the new liberator is
not a product of the regime itself?

A group of volunteer militiamen arrived on motorbikes as scores of
people had been chanting "freedom," clapping and handing out pastries
but there was no sign of any fighting.

In the view of Mr. Sadeq Saba, a senior analyst of Iranian affairs for
the BBC, the fact that no major clashes had been reported shows that
the regime is not afraid of such calls and demonstrations.

The leniency – some says unusual -- the Police showed towards the
demonstrators prompted other analysts asking if the new liberator is
not a product of the regime itself?

However, other analysts, more adept of "theories of conspiracy", a
national sport of Iranians in general asked if the whole affair is not
a "rehearsal" of some scenarios, some foreign nations are preparing
for Iran?

"We were responding to his call to avoid a war," the French news
agency AFP quoted one person who said he had taken part in the gathering.

"Ahura Pirouz Khaleghi was saying that Israel intends to attack Iran
and that he had asked (Israeli Prime Minister) Ariel Sharon to give
him the time to return home and sort out the problem", the person told

For Dr. Mohammad-Reza Djalili, a professor at the Graduate Instiute of
International Studies of Geneva, Switzerland, "this shows that people
are awainting a messia to liberate them from this regime and for this
reason, they accept any sign".

In his view, as well as that a journalist in Tehran, since the reforms
promised by the lamed President Mohammad Khatami have all failed,
people are despaired, grabbing on anything to salvage themselve, ready
to pay the highest price"

"The invisible hand that pushes Haxa, is that of the United States and
Israel, busy taking polls and preparing plans", wrote the leftist
"Peyknet" website on the event, predicting that the time bomb
generated by the hate of the regime would explode, "maybe not on first
of October, the date of liberation and freedom promised by Mr. Ahoura,
but at another time". ENDS IRAN DEMOS 28904

Link Posted: 10/14/2004 4:52:26 AM EDT
I hope they are right, we will need their help when we invade.
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