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Posted: 10/28/2004 6:16:27 AM EDT
I love it when the über-rich get fucked over.


Quadracci son cited for trespassing at plant


Posted: Oct. 28, 2004

Sussex - H. Richard Quadracci, oldest son of the late Harry V. Quadracci, was ticketed for trespassing Wednesday after he entered the headquarters of Quad/Graphics and demanded $268,000 for an earlier sale of company stock.

In an interview after the incident, Quadracci said he also came to Waukesha County from his New York City home to gift more than 500 shares of Quad/Graphics stock to a number of employees at the firm to give them voting rights in the company.

Quadracci said he was broke and needed money to pay lawyers, run a campaign ad in the New York Times for John Kerry and charter a private jet back to New York.

The forfeiture for trespassing is $102. He has until Dec. 3 to pay that expense or plead his innocence in a Waukesha County court.

Quadracci contended that the firm's officers were withholding the check to prevent him from running the campaign ad. Quadracci says he is fighting with the firm's lawyers for control of Quad/Graphics assets, which he valued at $800 million. Forbes magazine placed it at $780 million in 2000.

Last August, Quadracci alleged in a letter to Waukesha County Probate Court that his father's assets of $57.4 million, as posted in his will, were being mishandled. He asked for an immediate halt to probate proceedings, which court officials did not grant because they considered the letter to be informational and not a formal court petition.

Quadracci has posted on his Web site numerous theories about his father's death and business dealings. He also is being accused in a New York court of running a male sex club from his condo.

Harry Quadracci died in July 2002 near his Pine Lake home in Chenequa, leaving behind the largest printing firm in North America with 15,000 employees. His death was ruled an accidental drowning.

Richard Quadracci said he flew into Waukesha's Crites Field on Tuesday evening and went to the Sussex plant shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday with his two dogs and a group of friends and advisers.

Quadracci entered with his two miniature dachshunds - Dino and Frankie - on leashes and was stopped by security in a manufacturing area.

The head of security and two others physically restrained him until the Sheriff's Department deputies arrived, he said.

"They were beating me up in front of employees, and I had to scream for police," Quadracci said.

Dino and Frankie were cowering behind Quadracci as he fended off security personnel, said Tima Wilson, a friend and adviser to Quadracci who also was inside the plant.

Wilson said he also was manhandled.

Claire Ho, a Quad/Graphics spokeswoman, said Quadracci is neither employed by the firm nor involved in its operations.

"The sequence of events was he entered a side door, unauthorized and uninvited," she said. "He was found on the manufacturing floor with his two dogs, and he was politely and professionally asked to leave the manufacturing floor for his own safety and the safety of those around him.

"When he refused, we called the Sheriff's Department for assistance and blocked him from entering the plant further. He was escorted out of the building by a Sheriff's Department representative."

Ho said the firm's visitor policy is that they must register at the front desk.

"We have the policy in place for reasons of safety," she said. "He had not been to a Quad/Graphics facility in years.

Ho did not know why Quadracci entered the plant.

During the interview, Quadracci produced a $268,932 check from Quad/Graphics dated Oct. 27, but he refused to accept it because he wanted the money wired directly to his account or a certified cashier's check.

Quadracci said the firm complied with his wishes later Wednesday.
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 6:47:52 AM EDT
My father in law was one of the cops who pulled him out of the lake by his pier. He told me rocko gave him some swimming lessons. Quad swam every morning and one day he drowns in 5 feet of water. It is convenient that on that day the surveilance tape was missing and the cameras were not on. He has cameras looking all over his property and down to his pier.
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