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Posted: 4/19/2007 5:18:28 PM EDT
Anyone want to donate a few minutes to call or email a Washington state radio show here on Friday? It’s the BJ Shea show on 99.9FM KISW "The Rock" in Washington state. Weekdays 6:00-10:00 AM Pacific time. Friday is a "listeners on the loose" where people can call or email in about anything so it’s very informal and there is no topic to stick to.

It’s the highest rated morning radio show in WA that replaced a syndicated Howard Stern 2 years ago (it actually pulls higher ratings). I feel we can get a good word out to such a large audience since it’s a talk show based heavily on politics and news (which tends to bring in more intelligent listeners than, for example, a pop station), but its a very informal show and not rigid like most talk shows. They’ve referred to the format as locker room style informality

The host is a fence-sitter and hates leftist liberals but isn't quite a conservative. He is almost a mixture of conservative and libertarian. He believes in the 2nd Amendment, understands hunting and self-defense, but still has vestiges of liberal brainwashing that he hasn't kicked yet (grew up in Boston, worked in Seattle the last decade, doesn't own firearms). I'm sure with enough voices; we can change his mind as he is reasonably intelligent, or at least if callers make well reasoned arguments regardless, it might convert some fence-sitting listeners.

He believes firearms as a "weapon of killing" rather than a tool (but doesn't blame inanimate objects). He isn't a gun owner so it would be difficult to convey to someone that has this nugget of liberal ideology. We need more people to tell him this so he realizes almost all gun owners view it this way and it's his viewpoint has no credibility. It's the intention behind the object that determines it's purpose. Men have penises but it doesn't make them rapists. Women have vaginas but it doesn't make them prostitutes.

He also has a misconception about the Wild West and how gun ownership then somehow makes a parallel with increased crime. He needs to be cited CPL crime rates vs non CPL crime rates, VA HB 1572 CPL on campus bill that failed to make it to the General Assembly (and subsequent upset VTech students that had CPLs), cases where CPL stopped school shootings, that town that passed mandatory gun ownership (Geuda Springs?), comparison to countries like Switzerland and Israel. He makes a flawed link in an argument that we’re safer today than we ever have been (true), but falsely makes a link between gun ownership during the Wild West era as a cause of high crime then. Bringing up a melting-pot type culture (ie US, Britian) with various races, ethnicities, and religions causes more tension and crime than more homogenous ones would be helpful.

He also brought up that people should take a full psychology exam before purchasing a firearm, but his position has since changed (I believe) after a well-reasoned discussion with a well spoken caller that brought up government with something as arbitrary as a psych exam can use prejudices or favors of various types to pick and choose who passes.

He is -almost- on our side...just not quite. Again, he has some vestiges of liberal brainwashing. I suspect most people don't have the time to try phoning in but if you send him off some emails, it might be enough to push him off that fence. He has already lambasted people like Giuliani, Rosie O’Donnell’s stupid hypocrisy (called her a big fat lesbian bitch or similar), etc, so he isn’t really a bad guy, just misinformed on guns because he doesn’t own any, therefore has no reason to read up about gun issues.

I cannot take the time off to call at work during the show's scheduled slot but I have written about 15 pages in emails to the show members. It’s best to discuss in real time so he can’t skip over points. If anyone can call or even email, it’d be greatly appreciated, especially by any fence sitters that listen to this show whom might change their minds. It’s not nationally syndicated so it’s easy to make it on the show, but it has a national and international following (via the internet streaming) so some good can be done.

Contact information:

(I email all at once so someone will definitely read it)

BJ@KISW.com, RR@KISW.com, Stevetheproducer@kisw.com, Topshelf@kisw.com, BJ@BJADay.com, RR@BJAday.com, Stevetheproducer@BJADay.com, Topshelf@BJADay.com

Live online streaming link: http://kisw.com/pages/264665.php

Month-long podcast archive (must sign up to access, use a junk email) http://kisw.com/pages/270413.php
Two contact numbers for phoning in:
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