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Posted: 5/23/2001 12:40:31 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/23/2001 12:41:19 PM EDT by PowderBurns]
Please forgive the heavy-handed header. About March sometime I purchased a used Colt Lightweight Match Target from a local shop. Handle style upper, Leapers (jeepers!) 4x scope. The gun still had blue on the hammer and bolt. Hardly been fired. I put a Harris pod on it. Couldn't get it to group. Thought maybe it was the ammo, trigger, or the scope. Installed a JP Enteprise trigger, a Redfield 6x scope, Cherokee Delta cheek pad . . . about $500 and some change. Still wouldn't group. We're talking 9" at 100 yds and the 9" groups were in different places on each target. Checked out everything. I suspect it had a loose keyway slot in the barrel mount. Disgusted, I took it back to the shop and traded it for a Rem. 700 PSS in .223. But I took a bath on the trigger mech -- Colt has a proprietary fitting for the pins. Kept the scope, the cheek piece, bipod, the mags, the tactical six pocket case . . . And so it became a scope and accessories looking for a rifle. You know that story. Two days ago I found a Bushmaster "Commando" for $775 [b]N E W[/b] . . . This has a floated 16" H-bar, flat top, no sights, no handle attachment. We don't need no stinking sights or a handle . . . It comes with a 10 rd. Klintonated magazine -- a cut down 30 rd mag. (That's sick!) Also, it's warranted. This is a "varmint" gun, mostly coyotes and "sage rats." Are the bolt on muzzle brakes worth the bother? Any one in particular I should look at. Good to be back . . .
Link Posted: 5/23/2001 6:52:25 PM EDT
Good to see you've returned from.........where was it you were? Anyway I'd look at Gunsmoke's or Kurt's brakes if your in the market for a MB.
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