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Posted: 4/19/2001 5:35:44 PM EDT
I bought one and it says at the back that it is Dolby Digital. My receiver and DVD player are capable of decoding Dolby Digital and they are correctly set. I am not getting the full effect of 5.1 channel, my receiver shows AC3 and only displays the center channel.

For those of you who has it on DVD, are you able to play movie with the full Dolby Digital effect?
Link Posted: 4/19/2001 6:08:11 PM EDT
It is in Dolby Digital. Unfortunatly, if you look at the Dolby symbol on the back of the box, to the right of the symbol it says MONO. So the only speaker that will be output to is the center channel. I think that kinda sucks considering the type of movie it is. But until they sell a DVD with a 5.1 audio track we are stuck.
Link Posted: 4/19/2001 6:13:15 PM EDT
Your equipment is hooked up properly. But they only made that particular movie in Mono, not surround. So like noted it will only play through your center and subwoofer. Sucks since it's a good movie. The Dolby Digital refers to the digital sound quality. Unfortunately it's not surround. F@*$ed up in my opinion.
Link Posted: 4/19/2001 6:37:18 PM EDT
Most of the time when you buy an older movie companies do not want to go through and put six channels of audio. It is way easier and cheaper just to record it, stamp dolby digital on it and send it out. you have to be sure when you buy something like this it says "5.1". dolby digital is a company not a sound effect. so many things are dolby digital, but not in surround sound. good dvd though, I own it.
Link Posted: 4/19/2001 7:07:08 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/20/2001 5:01:44 AM EDT
That movie sucks for sound-if you want to see if your stuff is working -get terminator 2
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