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Posted: 5/9/2001 4:52:01 AM EDT
I haven't been following the story too much, but the police (more specifically a police woman) shot an unarmed girl here in Chicago a while back. The Mayor and Police Chief came on soon afterwards and said it was a bad shoot (this was done before any investigation). Johnny Cochran got involved in the Lawsuit, and the city "settled" for $18 mil. I caught a little on the news last night, and the survey they were doing was 3 to 1 against the City Council approving the settlement. I agree on the $18 million being excessive. I also think Johnny Cochran is a scum-sucking, publicity seeking piece of SHiT who doesn't deserve to get $6 million as his cut. I haven't been following the whole story, but I am wondering if someone can refresh my memory on the details?? I am also wondering if anyone else has heard what I was told at work last night. I was told that there may have been an underlying problem--the girl that was shot was dating the police woman's ex-boyfriend?? I also heard that she was ordered to stop shooting long before the girl was killed? I use girl loosely, as I am not sure of her exact age. Thanks for any enlightenment.
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 5:58:08 AM EDT
I think, let me repeat think, it's the one where the girl was holding a cell phone during a traffic stop. If I remember correctly the mayor and other officials didn't get off the fence until public opinion pushed them. As far as the boyfriend angle, that's news to me. and I don't remember any fusillade of fire that anyone had to be ordered to stop.
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