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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/17/2001 10:19:48 AM EST
My bride is employed again so Xmas is back on! She tells me " I know you want a carry pistol, and I can't pick it out. So just go get [b]whatever gun you want[/b] and I'll go get the leather jacket I want and that will be our big gift to each other!" Redhead, looks great, likes to shoot, big boobs... Sigh Merry Christmas to me! [beer]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:21:43 AM EST
Good for you, brother. Merry Christmas.
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:21:46 AM EST
Can I avoid the rush, and start hating you now? GRRRR....[IMG]http://www.duhspot.com/users/smiley/s/contrib/aahmed/biggrin.gif[/IMG]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:25:58 AM EST
Hmm, already had her... not. Did we mention we don't like you, you lucky bastid [:D] Now go back and give her a big wet one for us.
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:26:54 AM EST
Originally Posted By platform389: Can I avoid the rush, and start hating you now? GRRRR....[IMG]http://www.duhspot.com/users/smiley/s/contrib/aahmed/biggrin.gif[/IMG]
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You're already behind. I didn't know I was supposed to ask him if I could hate him first. [:D]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:35:51 AM EST
Had to gloat guys....sorry. The GREAT thing is her new job... NOW I have to figure out which carry gun? Let's see...KelTec 9mm, Glock 33 or 36, lightweight Springfield .45, Taurus 9 or .45, Walther PPK, Beretta .380? Any ideas?
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:39:15 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:40:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By Coz_45-age-caliber: NOW I have to figure out which carry gun? Let's see...KelTec 9mm, Glock 33 or 36, lightweight Springfield .45, Taurus 9 or .45, Walther PPK, Beretta .380? Any ideas?
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WHAT?!?!?! You are setting your sights FAR TOO LOW my friend...unless your Springfield is the TRP Pro. I'd go with either a Les Baer or Ed Brown 1911...it doesn't matter which model from either of these two fine gunsmiths. Hell, I'd tell her I want a stainless Colt SAA 1st Generation in .45LC with a 4 5/8 barrel..."it's my WESTERN carry rig." Then stick with whatever you are presently carrying. If budget is somewhat an issue, buy an HK USP .45 or the Glock 36 you mentioned.
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:44:40 AM EST
Damn...I am jealous! Walther P-99. Best damn carry pistol I've ever used. I often just stick it in my waistband on my hip. Because it is smooth with no protrusions like external safeties or mag releases, it can't be seen under my coat or big shirt and it doesn't cut into my fat hide! Quick grab too...one in the pipe and a full mag and its very safe too. When I extract it, I put the thumb on the rear top of the slide, fingers on the grip (NONE in the trigger guard!) and ease her on out. Slips out nice and neat. Did I say it shoots a damn sight straighter than I can shoot it? Congrats again... [;)]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:46:10 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/17/2001 10:39:45 AM EST by Coz_45-age-caliber]
Tailgate, I really need a lightweight carry. So, a 'true' 1911 is a bit large. Glocks...hmmmmm...can't get past the "no safety" configuration, and I won't by a BMW cause "It's the best!" (like everyone says about Glocks) ...it's a personal thing. Springfield makes some bad ass little .45's as does Kimber and they have larger mags than the 36.... Good dilemma to have..
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:56:58 AM EST
I'm very happy with my Kimber Pro Carry. Commander sized, 28oz empty and the .45 ACP punch that the Frankford Arsenal custom designed to drop charging Moro tribesmen in their tracks --just in case that scenario ever comes up! [;D]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 10:59:24 AM EST
Try a Briley: [img]http://www.briley.com/images/fantom.jpg[/img] [url]www.briley.com[/url]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 11:07:44 AM EST
I am very pleased with my Kimber Pro CDP. I always say "That if you can not carry a .45 then get the Glock with the most rounds in the mag". Oops you said you were looking for smaller...How about the Kimber Ultra Ten .45caliber with a 10 shot mag?[:D] Tell your wife thanks for being such a "Great Christmas present giver"![<|:D>] Congrats! BigDozer66
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 11:19:12 AM EST
Man, you're so excited you even posted it over at www.thefiringline.com too.
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 11:23:15 AM EST
Jadams, You bet! The new job for her is more exciting than the new pistol...oh what am I saying? Yes I am excited! Now I've got to choose.... That Briley is cool looking!
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 11:23:26 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 11:40:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/17/2001 11:34:05 AM EST by SKSBoy]
You metioned a 9mm Kel-Tec, thats what i carry mostly, small, very lightweight, high capacity (if you need more than 10+1 the take ANY s&w 59 sereis mags, i'v got a 30 rounder just for fun cost $15 bucks at a gun show.) shoots about 4" groups at 15 yards, and i'd trust my life to it to shoot everytime i pull the trigger. You can get factory night sights now too. I usually just carry it in the wasteband, its so light it hardly ever moves. Only downside to you is no saftey whatsoever, except the 9.5 Lb. trigger. It dosent bother me, i just don't keep a round in the chamber, i just pratice loading in my pull. I saw you mention that about the glock though. I also have the .40 caliber, just as good, just havent broken it in to carry yet, not much more recoil either, really none that i notice between the two. For $200-$250 best guns in the world in my opinoin. Try to find someone that has one so you can see how it shoots.
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 11:47:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 1:00:49 PM EST
To hell with the gun show us a picture of HER!!!!
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 4:41:00 PM EST
Originally Posted By flashx: To hell with the gun show us a picture of HER!!!!
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Link Posted: 12/17/2001 5:08:30 PM EST
My 2 cents: I don’t like the Kel-Tec P11 although; you can argue that they are great for the price. If you favor that particular gun, try out the Kahr P9, Very similar in proportions but the Kahr has a much better trigger and feel than the KelTek. I have a problem buying a gun without a hammer, I know it is silly but I grew up 1911 through and through. I would never point someone towards a .380 although; I often carry one (P232) when I don't have the extra cover of a jacket or sweater. I would suggest the Colt Defender .45. It is reasonable priced when compared to the comparable Kimbers and much lighter than the Springfield ultra compact. I also favor the Sig P239 although it is slighter harder for me to conceal. I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into the Walther P99. She is not a regular shooter and fairs poorly with the compacts. Since she always carries a purse, why not take advantage of the concealment opportunity. I also am a big fan of the P99. With the smallest grip insert it fits her petit hand well and she handles it lethally. Plus, I get to borrow it:)
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 5:21:28 PM EST
Try it in .40S&W. Butter smooth trigger, flawless action, great sight picture and relatively low recoil. You'll like it. [beer]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 5:26:25 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/17/2001 5:19:00 PM EST by Hank]
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 5:36:47 PM EST
You are a very lucky man.
Link Posted: 12/17/2001 5:38:00 PM EST
Redhead, looks great, likes to shoot, big boobs...
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Man! If that ain't a good enough reason for human cloning...what is??[;)] coyote3
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