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Posted: 9/6/2005 7:38:41 PM EDT
Was cleaning out my Mom's garage today prior to replacing the door and found an ammo can. Hmm, I thought that between my brother and I, we had had a good handle on my Dad's stuff and had divided it up pretty equitably after he passed away.

About 800 rounds GI 45 Ball and about a third Match. I though my Bro and I had pretty much eaten it up back in the 70's. Was collected at his Army Reserve shoots between about '59 and 64. This was my Dad's "when the Commie's come" stuff. Said that mostly jokingly but there was some concern on his part. He was a senior LEO and USAR MP LTC and felt that there were some elements in SoCal that weren't to be trusted. Remember these were the days of the Black Panthers, mau-mauing the flakcatchers, disarm the Police movements, etc. And there were some real threats of civil disorder. Having some stuff that was shall we say below the radar was maybe stretching the envelope, but realizing that running to the gun store or Sears in an emergency in a major urban area was likely to be fruitless is certain areas blew up. Does my brother still have his accurized 45. I don't think so. Guess I'll keep it all. Be good for practice at least. It would just beat his .45 up, I'll be doing him a favor.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:57:18 PM EDT
Wonderful that you're helping out Dear ole Mom, isn't it?
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