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Posted: 10/18/2004 3:32:14 PM EDT
I went out into the garage to get some laundry started. laying on the ground I see this little hairless rat. no problem I think, my cats leave me little "presents" like this occasionally. birds, mice, etc.... upon closer examination (I was trying to figure out how my cats had skinned this little booger) I realize that this is not a rat. It was an almost fully developed kitten. One of my cats is pregnant. apparently she squeezed out atleast one kitten......and it wasn't fully formed. had no hair whatsoever. don't know how long it has been laying out there on the cold cement floor, but it was dead. Coulnd't have been there for too long cause I was just in the garage a couple hours ago. Haven't been able to find the mommy cat yet. I assume she is off having the rest of the kittens. hopefully the rest fair better than this one did. I'm not even sure that this was my cats kitten, it could have been brought in from somewhere else, but I figure it is a pretty safe bet to assume that it was hers.

Here is a question: The mommy cat wasn't very old when she got pregnant, in fact we were pretty surprised she was able to get pregnant. Could this be considered normal for a very young cats first litter to be stillborn/early/dead?
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 3:43:35 PM EDT
First litters are generally larger, but development should be fairly even amongst them at any given time.

We had one deformed kitten in one batch... cross your fingers are start checking (quietly) nooks, crannies, closets, shelves, etc that the mommy could be in.

We found her curled up on a sweater in the closet... she is hiding from you and everyone... find out where she is and see what you can find out... report back

Cross your fingers and be aware that things could not be going well for the wee ones and the mother... and don't reach in and grab anything... moms get uppity!

- BG

Link Posted: 10/18/2004 4:46:48 PM EDT
Just found a second dead kitty. eyes aren't even formed yet still have skin over where the eyes should be. Found the mommy and she seems to be doing well, but not looking good for any future kittens.
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