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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 9/25/2002 6:14:23 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 8:35:05 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 8:42:17 AM EDT
[b]U[/b]nder [b]N[/b]ourished.
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 8:50:52 AM EDT
Here's an idea... as the EU moves closer and closer to a model of a ‘United States’ (their single currency, all-European military force, etc.), the Europeans should consider paring down their presence at the U.N. to a single ambassador. Alternatively, the U.S. could send a delegate from each of our 50 states.
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 9:36:43 AM EDT
Lurch has one hell of a point. Who cares what the UN tells us to do? We do not get a ribbin for "following" their directions. We would only get more expectations of "following" That cash they get from us sure could buy some Tomahawks.......
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 9:45:40 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 9:55:34 AM EDT
Hmmm, still looks like it could use at least another 3 or 4 2000lb 'ers and maybe a daisycutter just for good measure. (well, and to suck oxygen out of any remaining rat hole) Sorry if it seems dull, I'm busy playing with my .458! --LS
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 10:47:56 AM EDT
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