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Posted: 1/10/2005 12:48:06 AM EDT
Just enabled the wireless network to the other computer, I can access the "My documents" folder of the other machine, but now after being connected to the net via the LAN I get a random dial up pop labeled "Boradband Connection" and it asks for a username and password.

My net connection is always on via a cable modem into a wireless router. What did I do that mad it default to the dial up box? It's getting annoying. I've right clicked on it in the network connections folder and "un-defaulted it", but eventually it reverts back to the default and starts popping up again...
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 12:50:37 AM EDT
Strange, I dont know a direct fix for that.

See if anyone else has any ideas I can work off of.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 1:01:46 AM EDT
Okay.  Lets get thius straight.

You have a router that is hard wired to multiple computers correct?

Then you got broadband (Comcast?), how does this connect to your network?  It should connect to your router first.  If that isn't the case make it so.  After that go to "My network Places" and on the left side click ""Set up a home or small network" and follow the directions.  You will need a floppy disk at the end to use on the other computers also so you all be on the same network.

After this is done you take the floppy to the other computers and run it, which self installs .  After that you just set whatever folders you want to share on each computer and all should be able to connect to the net thru the router, which provides security also.

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