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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/21/2001 3:02:11 AM EST
....this stupid celebrity telethon tonite??? I wish these Hollywood idiots would just send a $1 million check, and keep their mouths shut. You gotta understand - Hollywood is about keeping your face in front of the camera - always keeping your name on everybody's mind, so that your name will be a "household word" and your next movie will sell. In that sense, these cretans are NO better than people who jacked up gas prices withing hours of the WTC attack. Or ammo prices for ammo they ALREADY had in stock. They are taking advantage of and EXPLOITING this tradgedy for personal gain. Getting "face time" from a tragedy. Frankly, they disgust me more than ever.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 3:30:27 AM EST
I view this as a feel good stunt for those among us who can't think for themselves. Hollywoord gets the added benefit of looking like it actually give a shyte. I'll bet some of those bastards actually cheered when they saw the crashed on television. We won't be watching it.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 3:33:19 AM EST
Sorry, but I won't be watching. The Dillon is crying for attention in the basement and loading ammunition soothes my nerves. It also boosts the economy as this creates a "shortage" in my component inventory, which means I need to purchase a few more components.... HoldHard
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 3:43:38 AM EST
We should never pass up an opportunity to do good for others. But I will not be watching! The list of those to appear looks too much like the listing I'd put together 'come the Revolution'! Eric The(Sorry,ButIGaveAtMyChurch'sFundraising,And­In[u]HIS[/u]Name,NotOthers)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 3:43:55 AM EST
Hollywood sucks and that's not disputable. The vast majority of the celebs think they have the answer to all the world's problems & they are the self-appointed spokespeople for the U.S. Their attitudes & egos were severely boosted during the Klinton years giving them the impression that they are so much better than everyone else. I'm sure some have true heartfelt generosity in their monetary gifts, but for most, in my opinion, they are giving just to keep up with the few genuine ones & to stay in the spotlight. To the few in Hollywood who are genuine, I respect your actions. To the rest who are so full of themselves & are giving to be P.C: [-!-]
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 3:52:12 AM EST
Why should they contribute their own money when jsut by going on TV they can get millons to donate theirs? You guys obviously have no idea how hard it is to live on just $20 million a picture. Why a humble Hollywood home could easily cost that.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 6:58:00 AM EST
I heard Sylvester "they should go door to door and take away guns" Stallone is going to be part of this.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 7:04:34 AM EST
You've got to admit that the normal clique of Hollywood freaks that seem to excrete themselves onto the TV at the first opportunity for publicity have been absent for the last week and a half. Kind of a nice change. Anyone seen Alec Baldwin? My several offers to help him move since GW got elected have gone unanswered.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 7:22:18 AM EST
As I've said in previous threads (and gotten flamed for saying), celebrities are largely clowns and parasites. When you consider their collective monetary worth, these assholes could write a check for far more than they will raise tonight, and not lower their standard of living one iota for doing it. What do you suppose the chances are that any of them will enlist for combat the way Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Russel Johnson, et. al. did in WWII?
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 8:30:11 AM EST
Well, said. With all the money these guys have, they couldn't just sent a check without making a big deal about it. Makes me sick.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 8:35:05 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 8:39:49 AM EST
There are so few in Hollywood I wouldn't spit at that I certainly won't bother to watch them try and wave the flag now. I just wish the places of those poor souls in NY could have been traded for many in Hollywood.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 8:47:00 AM EST
No garandman, they're not the same. You can just turn the channel off. It's called free will. But you're right in that they could be considered opportunists. But remember, just like you and me, a lot of other people have watched this over the last several days and wish that they could help in some way. Well this just happens to be how they think that they can help. The celebrities are only a small part of it. Mostly the networks think that this is what the viewing public wants to see. That's who really controls what we watch, the network execs. The ones that Letterman is always bitching about. "Those network corporate weasels".
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 8:52:05 AM EST
I don't plan on watching it. I plan on taping it, in case somebody does something stupid.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 10:07:26 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 10:16:30 AM EST
Originally Posted By retrodog: You can just turn the channel off. It's called free will.
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DUH. Of course I'm not gonna watch it. Like I'm, gonna intentionally watch something that makes me mad. Just like a car theft that I'm not gonna sit by and watch happen, I can still be pissed that it is happening at all. Turning off the TV DOES NOT make it not happen. [rolleyes]
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 10:20:30 AM EST
I'm going to be tuned into my favorite channel. AR15.com [:D]
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 10:27:12 AM EST
I'm going to be out pumping some money into our soft economy, one beer at a time!!! Then more into a cab ride back to my dad's house. If I see any of them out, I'll buy my firefighter buddies a beer or two as well.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:09:20 PM EST
Garandman, your dislike of Holywood is clearly motivated by your ANTI SEMETIC views.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:12:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:34:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/21/2001 1:34:10 PM EST by AR_in_the_woods]
Stars from across the worlds of film, music and television have generously volunteered their time and talents in this historic fundraising event. Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Limp Bizkit, Sting and U2 are the latest celebrities to join the talent roster, which includes the previously announced (in alphabetical order): Bon Jovi, Amy Brenneman, Mariah Carey, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Sheryl Crow, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, The Dixie Chicks, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Calista Flockhart, Dennis Franz, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Hanks, Faith Hill, Wyclef Jean, Billy Joel, Jane Kaczmarek, Alicia Keys, Willie Nelson, Conan O'Brien, Tom Petty, Ray Romano, Julia Roberts, Paul Simon, Will Smith, Jimmy Smits, Bruce Springsteen, Sela Ward, Robin Williams, Stevie Wonder and Neil Young. AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES will air on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as BET, Comedy Central, Court TV, Discovery, E!, Fox Family, FX, HBO, Lifetime, MTV, PAX, PBS, SHOWTIME, Sundance Channel, Telemundo, TLC, TNN, TNT, The WB, Univision, UPN, Country Music Television (CMT), Fox Sports Net, Hallmark Channel, Turner South, USA Network and VH1. [sleep]
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:39:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:43:48 PM EST
Fortunately for me, the Mariners and Oakland take precedence here.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:44:27 PM EST
Originally Posted By DVDTracker: I bet Nugent donated a fat check and didn't say a word about it.
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Actually he said that we should attack without mercy and if that means damage like we had in Nagisaki and Hiroshima, TOUGH! Gotta love Ted.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 1:57:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 2:04:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 2:12:43 PM EST
What a bunch of B.S. I see this as no different from the recent campaign to donate blood. What for? How many survivors are there that need blood, for the Redcross to ask the whole nation to donate? I have no objections to a call to give blood and I wouldn't go so far as to label the recent call to donate blood a scam, but it is deceving to tie this recent tragic event to "you can help by donating blood".
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