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Posted: 11/1/2004 3:23:49 PM EDT
Did you know that John Kerry was only in Vietnam for 4 months. Because of this he is the most decorated veteran in history for the amount of time served. More than Auddie Murphy. Really! In 4 months in Germany I didn't even get to know my way around.

Did you know that everyone that Pays taxes received a cut under Bush. Never understood the mind set that has grown in this country that some people have to work to support others you don't even know. Never understood how the government ever thought it was their right to take on persons money and give it to someone else. When was the last time you saw a poor person give someone a job. As much as those dissatisfied with their level of achievement in life would like to have someone to blame the hard truth is the people with the money create the jobs. Government handouts don't work, just ask the former Soviet Union or France (their economy sucks too).

Do you know that Kerry is rated at 100% by the Brady Foundation - the most anti-gun organization in the world. Did you know that the UN is holding hearing this month to decide whether they will ban all gun ownership world wide. If they do then all the next president would have to do is sign that treaty and we will then have civil war on our hands.

Do you know that the Heinz's would be by far the richest people to ever be in the White house - just like the King and Queen used to be. But they are for the poor.

Do you know that Teresa Heinz paid between 2 and 12% taxes last year on her $5-50 million income last year depending on what numbers you believe. George and Laura paid 27% (just like us) on their $870 thousand dollar income (but Bush is the rich one?).

Out sourcing of jobs? We insourced over 5 million jobs here over the last three years and have outsourced 1 million. Remember Mercedes, Toyota and many others have moved their plants here. Besides Clinton was the one that did us in when he opened the flood gates to China in exchange for political contributions (remember that UN and Communism theme, here it is again). This one really gets me, as I am forced to move work to China or Singapore all of the time because we cannot compete. None of us evil corporate Americans want to do this. But once your competition moves you have to still compete.

Did you know Kerry recently went duck hunting and told many hunting stories but he has never had a hunting license in his home state of Massachusetts - I guess he was a poacher or maybe the stories were not true - na couldn't be that.

Did you know Kerry faults Bush for not having a large coalition when going to Iraq like the first George Bush. He also says the first George Bush did the right thing by getting UN approval in the gulf war. Even though he say this, did you know Kerry voted against the first gulf war that he is now saying was the perfect model of how things should be handled?

Did you know that there are over 100 armed conflicts involving Muslims going on right now and that it is the fastest growing religion in the world. At it current pace white Christian will be a minority in less than 20 years. Some of us may be gone in 20 years but our kids will not be. This is not a police action is a war for Western survival.

Do you know that the average life of any civilized democracy in history has only been 200 years before it collapses. The reason is that the people figure that they can keep voting themselves more Money from the public treasury and the society collapses. We are on borrowed time.

Do you think that it right that in many states the population has voted against certain laws and then individual judges overruled the population. This is an abuse of judicial power, something the founding fathers warned against.

Did you know that voter fraud is being conducted on a wide scale in the Democratic areas and some isolated cases in Republican areas but the media never mentions the Democrats as doing this.

Did you know that you the White American will be the minority in this country in less than 10 years? Try that on for size. That because both parties will not address the borders.

Do you know that most countries hostile to the U.S. and there are many at this time are supporting John Kerry. Do you know that the Communist Party of the United States supports John Kerry. Don't believe me go to their website.

Did you know that unemployment is so bad around here that the unemployment rate is the lowest in history in Allegheny county? The current unemployment rate in this country is lower that when Clinton was re-elected. Never hear the media mention that. The current unemployment rate is less than the average of the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. But bush sucks?

Did you know that Kerry secretly met with the North Vietnamese during a time of war. OK speaking out against it is one thing, meeting with the enemy - do you really think this is the right thing to do?

Do you really think that President Bush is on the ground in Iraq making the day to day calls? If he is not then Kerry has once again been calling our military incompetent.

Afghanistan - Free
Pakistan - On Our Side
Iraq - Almost there
Libya - Put up the white flag
3,000 Key terrorists dead or in jail
Hussein in Jail, Udey and Kusay dead!
Bin Laden is on borrowed time.
Don't hear much about Palestinian suicide bombers nowadays. That's because Bush finally let Israel do what it needs to.

But it's miserable failure. Look at a map. By taking Afghanistan and Iraq we have broken the Muslim beltway. Briliant strategy since the radicals want to us and our children.

India (our friend) and us surround Pakistan if they get out of hand. We surround Iran on both sides. We have every other Middle Eastern country crapping because of our presence in Iraq. But it's a failed plan.

Who is George Soros? You should know before you pull that lever. Why is this foreigner spending millions (about $25 million of his own money) to elect Kerry. Why did the UN purposely try to impact the elections with an old disappearing weapons story? Ask yourselves above all else - why are there so many foreigners involved in this election? Do you really think they are looking out for the good old USA?

One of the unfortunate problems with this election is that for every well informed person that takes these issues seriously and votes based on their knowledge, an uneducated illegal alien or one uneducated citizen can cancel out your vote. Don't think illegal aliens are voting, check Michigan for one. They have a local supervisor of elections that is an illegal alien, oh by the way Michigan is home to the largest population of Muslim's in the U.S. But certainly all of this is coincidence and I am just paranoid.

I will end now. I have decide that I will no longer remain quiet even under the risk of pissing some people off. I am not claiming to be perfect. I am not claiming that our current President is perfect, but I am claiming that the vote for Kerry at this time, takes out of office, a man of principle, one with core beliefs and a consistent approach to our future and replaces it with God knows what?

I have decided I will not set idly by and watch the degradation of our country, I will speak out. I will not let the future be turned over to the United Nations. I will not let our kids face this. I will continue to hold the line no matter what the election results are. I will do what ever it takes to prevent the spread of Social Marxism in this country. To not do so, will destine us to the pitiful existence of every other country that has tried it and failed

Which future are you going to vote for on election day? I am asking that you think about voting for George Bush, even if you are a life long Democrat. Many others that have been life long Democtrats such as Senetor Zell Miller and for New York Mayor Ed Kotch has decided that they are voting for Bush. They know that the party has drifted closer to the philopshy of Sodom and Gamora and that it's as the Dem's falsly proclaim "TIME TO TAKE AMERICA BACK". Not to give it away.

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