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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/23/2005 7:37:33 AM EST
... You know, the ones you can sling on and off one shoulder quickly

Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:38:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/23/2005 7:38:44 AM EST by Paul]
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:39:11 AM EST
Go to your local Army recruiters, they gave me one when I enlisted.
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:40:35 AM EST
On the back of a metrosexual.
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:41:40 AM EST

Originally Posted By Paul:
Do a google search for "man purse"

(I got a free one from Canon with a camera)

... I did, I don't like this style. Looking for one that's black or OD and that has a broad strap. I see them around.

... Not these:

Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:43:32 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:44:39 AM EST
if you want very nice and heavy duty - do the


check out the Monsoon. I know there are some 1r-15 partners that sell this line. Other than that - Wal-Mart has them too! Maybe not so tactical!!
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:46:20 AM EST
lenny mcgill sells em'
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:46:38 AM EST

My versipack.
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:47:18 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:47:35 AM EST
Punch some Vegetarian and take his!
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:47:47 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/23/2005 7:49:41 AM EST by ready-aim-fire]
try Maxpedition - they make a product called the Versipack in several styles:


Looks like good quality stuff -- I saw one on a guy at our last gun show and asked him about it -- he was satisfied. They don't look "metrosexual", so your man card should still be valid if you get one.

ETA - I'm too slow in responding! A couple of others beat me to it while I was looking up the Maxpedition site.
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:48:00 AM EST

Originally Posted By Paul:
Do a google search for "man purse"

Glad I wasnt drinking Coke!

Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:49:41 AM EST
I will seconde maxpedition and have a Fatboy. The new large fatboy looks awesome.Maxpedition@TAD
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 7:55:21 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/23/2005 7:55:45 AM EST by mmx1]
Are you looking for it to sit on your back (strap across the chest)

or at your hip like a Maxpedition manpursefatboy?

Carried a variety of slings for years.

I have the Arcteryx one above, there's a guy that makes an identical version but with molle webbing and a conceal carry pouch. Sweet.
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 8:20:32 PM EST
If you carry a heavy bag one-shouldered and always use the same shoulder, you WILL end up with muscle groups growing in an asymmetrical pattern and you might not like the results.
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