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Posted: 4/19/2007 9:39:03 PM EDT
I’m curious as to what others are thinking will be the overall democratic respocne to VT?

I've seen other treads discussing various bills, but I've not see one asking this question. If this is a dupe, then I guess my seach-fu is weak.

Here is my theory… they will bunt, and go for a small chunk of our rights in something that will be very easy to accomplish politically. Basically, they will drop the AWB and current magazine bill as-is and re-tool it in the following ways

1. Band handgun magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less; however, leave rifle magazine capacity alone.
2. Do a combo of the PLEA act (anti 5.7 X 28 mm bill) and add to it handgun bullets capable of ‘expansion’ (e.g. Hydroshocks)
3. Grandfather everything, including transfers (like AWB Part 1).

If they focus exclusively on the ‘dangerous’ features of handguns, and leave rifles out of the image for a while, then I think this is eminently doable.

Alternative, they could try to hit a homer (e.g. handgun ban, AWB renewal), but I don’t see it for the next few years.
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 9:41:46 PM EDT
Do you really think they want CCW holders forced to run FMJs?
That will get ugly.
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 9:43:13 PM EDT
They'll put their snouts in the air, sniff the wind, and likely wait and see if the media can brew up a shitstorm first. That's just my guess. Also keep in mind they don't have some overpowering majority in the House. It's a majority, but not enough to ramrod through just anything they please.

Link Posted: 4/19/2007 9:50:31 PM EDT
I think they're going to go for procedural stuff first. Cho was batshit crazy and able to get a gun. Even conservative talk show hosts are calling for a better interface between mental health records and NICS. They may even try to throw out a waiting-period as being "reasonable". They won't get too much resistance either. Then, if they win the White House, they'll start banning stuff.
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 10:34:18 PM EDT
No major changes in Federal gun laws until after January 2009, and then only if they keep the House and the Senate, and the win the White House. If that happens, expect them to announce that they suddenly have a mandate from the people to change the gun laws that they mysteriously didn't mention during the campaign.

The tide is turning in this argument, and the Democrats know it. They have put up all sorts of signals they past few days that they are not going to enact new legislation over Virginia Tech.

They want to get back in control of the Federal Government so badly that they will say and do anything, or even nothing.

Remember, if they really believed that gun control was essential to saving the lives of American children, wouldn't they do whatever it took to get new laws passed? When we see that they are remaining mostly silent, we will know that they put their own power ahead of those lives, or that they know deep down that gun control doesn't really work, and is not worth endangering their shot at power.

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