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Posted: 3/30/2009 2:48:59 AM EDT
This morning I was supposed to leave for Minnesota. My flight was scheduled for 6:45 AM. No problem. I was up at 4:00 so I could be out the door at 5:00, and arrive at the airport around 5:30, an hour & fiftenn minutes before departure.

My wife got up with me and drove me to the airport. When I entered my info into the self-check in kiosk, it told me my flight was cancelled.

I talk with the agent and she confirms the airplane broke. She starts looking for the next opportunity for me to get out.

6:05 this evening.

I'll get into Minneapolis around midnight their time (2:00 AM according to my circadian rhythm), then I have a 2 hour drive to where I'll be working, where I'm expected to start at 8:00 AM local.

This is going to be a looooooooong day. Hopefully I can get a nap this afternoon, and on the flight to MN.

If not, it will be an adventure.
Link Posted: 3/30/2009 2:50:22 AM EDT
Whatcha doing in MN? or is that two hour drive east into my great state?
Link Posted: 3/30/2009 2:52:25 AM EDT
Come chill at my place. I'm about 15 minutes away from the airport.
Link Posted: 3/30/2009 2:54:04 AM EDT
I always check the flight status before I leave the house now. Not always a guarantee, but it has saved me a few times.
Link Posted: 3/30/2009 3:17:57 AM EDT
I'm going up to Camp Ripley (Little Falls) to work with the Shadow platoon for a few days.

From what I gather so far, there isn't a whole lot going on in Little Falls.

I'm a couple days too late to witness the coronation of the County Dairy Princess.

Link Posted: 3/30/2009 3:20:36 AM EDT
Hell, I'd be happy that the plane 'broke' while it was still on the ground!!
Link Posted: 3/30/2009 3:22:39 AM EDT
Originally Posted By VT4meGunCtrlisAntiUS:
Hell, I'd be happy that the plane 'broke' while it was still on the ground!!

That checks!
Link Posted: 3/30/2009 4:20:22 AM EDT
That sucks.

I had a similar thing happen over a year ago out of Knoxville, TN back to Pittsburgh. They tried to get me on a plane that was about to leave but TSA would not rush me through security so I learned to like Knoxville airport for a few more hours.
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