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Posted: 9/8/2004 5:55:28 AM EDT
I am really starting to get angry at the media for how they are addressing (or not addressing) the Muslim fanatics who killed all those children at a Russian school.

I have read that the count now is at 155 children. Many of which were shot in the back as they tried to flee.

The media spent a whole month with daily pictures of the Abu Grade prison "abuse", but I have hardly seen much of this collective murder from the major media.

They only ones talking about it is "Talk Radio." Will "Political Correctness" lead us down a road that we will not survive as a country?

Hell, the media do not even cally them islamic terrorists. They call them "gunmen" or "sepratists" despite that 10 of the terrorists were not from Chechnia(?) but the middle east. And what really gets me is that some parents are blaming Putin for not negotiating with these animals. What kind of mentality is that?????

I have seen the pictures on the internet of these kids, not much older than my own, stripped down to their underware, lying in rows, covered in blood. I have read that they were not allowed food, water or use of the facilities for three days. In the end some of the children were forced to drink their own urine. For the love of God, killing helpless children?

I can not imagine the fear these kids must have felt when they were watching these muslim terrorists rig explosives over their heads. Especially the fear they felt with no parents around to confort them......they were really on their own.

How long before we have to deal with this here? Will we eventually learn to just "accept it" because so many no people believe it is wrong to fight back? Will we start to "blame" our leaders for not giving in to the terrorists demands?

I used to fear that eventually we would deal with car bombs here, like Isreal, but not something like this.

When will it start..........when will this end?

Link Posted: 9/8/2004 6:56:54 AM EDT
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Although most of us would agree with your comments......the topic is best suited for GD not SF
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