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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/9/2006 5:39:04 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 10:04:09 AM EST by AKMan434]
These two links are of an interview done on Al-Jazeera on a show called "Al inteejah al-moua'akis" (the opposite direction). In it, the guest speaker (Wafa Sultan) argues with Muslims and basically owns them. There are subtitles so don't worry about not understanding. Watch it and see.


Link Posted: 3/9/2006 5:42:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 5:51:57 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:06:44 AM EST
Is there more links it seems like she is still going on when the video ends.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:25:54 AM EST
WOW - Great stuff, thanks.

This is the best thread I've seen here in a long time.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:47:06 AM EST
I have dial-up so I haven't watched.

Will they now whack her head off now
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 7:07:46 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 9:30:11 AM EST
Free bump
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 9:53:05 AM EST
That was good, she's talking to a brick wall though.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 9:55:30 AM EST
Terrible thread title.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 9:59:05 AM EST

Originally Posted By Tomislav:
Terrible thread title.

Link Posted: 3/9/2006 9:59:54 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 10:00:41 AM EST by AKMan434]
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 10:01:21 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 10:06:43 AM EST by Tomislav]

Originally Posted By AKMan434:

It doesn't give any useful information.

ETA: It still doesn't give any useful information, and now it'll probably get locked.

ETA2: Sweet Jesus man, stop trying to come up with a clever headline, and just say something like 'Wafa Sultan in an excellent Al Jazeera debate'. Then we could say, 'Oh, that? Dupe.'
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 10:02:44 AM EST
ok, now what?
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 10:04:19 AM EST

I've seen this video like 3 times BTW.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 10:39:25 AM EST
Pretty gutsy of her...I hope she is careful when travelling abroad.
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