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Posted: 6/13/2001 2:36:05 AM EDT
http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usamhi/DL/AtoZ.htm The link listed above has many pdf files of military studies from various wars. One is the famous Korea war study (Commentary on Infantry and Weapons, Korea, 1950-51) done by S.L.R. Marshall that is often quoted because it stated that most small arms combat occurs at less than 200 yards.
Link Posted: 6/13/2001 4:32:56 AM EDT
That was the Korean war, read this clip about a battle in VN more like eyeball to eyeball. [url]http://pub50.ezboard.com/fvietnammemoriesbulletinboardfrm1.showMessage?topicID=125.topic[/url] The bewildering, awesome reality of the situation was beclouded by momentary shock. The enemy, probably in a similar state of amazement, did not organize directly and afforded the 43's survivors invaluable minutes in which to orient themselves. LT Lomas scurried into the pilot house and aided the wounded there. Sandlin's pain was eased by a quick shot of morphine and a battle dressing. The sporadic shrapnel wounds of a minor nature were of no immediate concern. Survival, and survival only, was paramount, and to live, the survivors knew they had to fight. To this end, a hasty defense perimeter was formed. Campbell, with Piper and Broderick on the fantail, maintained constant M-79 grenade fire into the north bank. Luckily, the 43 boat canted toward the river and provided some natural cover for them. Crew members, discarding the .50 caliber weapons as useless, grabbed M-16 rifles and set up firing positions covering the south bank, thereby providing the stricken unit with a 360 degree perimeter. Simultaneous with these actions, Ruiz and Lowry found the detachment's M-60 machine gun, and, using the 43's hull for cover, slid past the bow in order to set up a firing position in a natural emplacement ten meters away. Sandlin, ready to go, was given a rifle and carried to this frontal position thereby supplying additional firepower. Concussion grenades were also used to supplement these basic weapons in the forty minute effort to ward off any attempts of an enemy assault. The foliage proved indeed provident, absorbing much of the enemy fire while precluding his use of rockets and heavy rounds altogether. Though continuous, the resulting incoming fire was relatively ineffective. Only Ruiz was seriously wounded in the ground action as a Chinese hand grenade exploded next to his M-60 firing position. Heroic acts became well-nigh routine as 43 was transformed into a blazing bunker: some fired while Hinson passed ammunition and loaded M-16 magazines; weapons jammed and were replaced; hand grenades were exchanged with the enemy but twenty meters away, a diabolical chess game, one Viet Cong spider hole checkmated by Lowry's accurate throw. As a result of this aggressive perimeter action, the necessary volume of fire was sustained and the enemy never risked a frontal onslaught.
Link Posted: 6/13/2001 5:59:36 AM EDT
How about this from the web site: 'The indians brutally outraged four females until insensible' - "Engagements with Hostile Indians" by Gen. Sheridan 1868 Model translation: They were gang-raped
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