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Posted: 10/23/2004 6:15:06 PM EDT
I'm looking for an economical way to heat my 14x25 shop. I tried wood last winter and it was a solid pain in the ass considering that I need a low level of heat 24x7 to keep it above freezing.

I tried electricity the year before (in a different shop) and my electricity bill was aweful.

So, I've been looking at a waste oil heater (click HERE for details). Have any of you tried this? Any better ideas?

I need cheap (both to buy and operate) and efficient.

Any ideas?

Link Posted: 10/23/2004 6:22:17 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/23/2004 6:24:12 PM EDT by Railgun]
Hey I am a heating and ac tech.

Waste oil heaters are the best, I want one for my shop to be.....but not the funky thing you show...can you say SMOKE.

Try this: www.econoheat.com/

The key is to burn it as clean as possible, otherwise soot buildup will kill you while you clean it every couple of months.

These ones will pressurize and burn much cleaner.


Link Posted: 10/23/2004 6:29:45 PM EDT
A few years ago, a guy I knew had a wood burner type stove that didn't burn wood. It used little pellets that fed through the top. Fill up the container that holds the pellets and they feed into the fire. Not sure what it costs to keep it going though.

I have a little heater that I got from Wal-Mart to heat my attic in the winter. It works damn good. It is sealed and filled with oil. The oil flows past a heating coil, (I think) and circulates throughout the heater. Only costs $40 or so.
Link Posted: 10/23/2004 6:41:41 PM EDT
Ever try a corn stove? I know I have heard some other guyd talk about it here. One gravity wagon a winter keeps my buddys shop warm.
Link Posted: 10/23/2004 7:00:36 PM EDT
Oil drip stove.
Rig up a wood burning stove with a small drip tube using used oil. Start a fire with wood and turn the drip on. The faster the drip, the hotter it gets.
2 sticks of wood will last all day and part of a night.
Link Posted: 10/23/2004 7:07:08 PM EDT
Corn stove. My father has one, works nicely and is CHEAP (He's a farmer so....)

He also made a custom wood stove (2 actually) on is made of 55 gallon drums and uses wood, the other is also a wood stove thats big enough to fit an entire pallet in. He uses pallets for firewood.
Link Posted: 10/23/2004 7:27:25 PM EDT

Judi Beri didn't like wood, either. In fact she devoted her life to fighting its use by man.

In 1990, Judi Beri lost her entire genitalia to a car bomb.

The Point: Your wood is your friend. Love your wood today, for tomorrow it may be gone.
Link Posted: 10/23/2004 8:08:10 PM EDT
i had a 16x20 detached garage i insulated and had a hotel room heat pump installed in
i keep the unit on the lowest temp setting on the thermostat, to keep stuff from freezing
and used a kerosene heater to warm things up on the really cold days that i was reloading

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