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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/3/2006 8:00:10 AM EST
I do an MSN search for "ebaumsworld" For anyone who doesn't know, ebaumsworld is a sight for stupid videos and pics, and online games, etc. (Time wasting web site) So, the search comes back, and the very first choice is "ebaum's world" It even says www.ebaumsworld.com at the bottom. So, when I click it, it goes directly to "Adult Friend Finder" and tries to launch a trojan virus! Symantec kept popping up, Adult.something or other ignored, then adult.something removed, about every thirty seconds or so.

Can web sites make a fake front for search engines, and take you somewhere else? It wasn't a re-direct, the link just went there. I don't get it. FXXking internet virus porn a$$holes.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 9:16:25 AM EST

Ebaum's world is http://ebaumsworld.com ,
The first Google link on searching for "ebaumsworld" is http!//www.ebaumsworld,com
[link invalid on purpose]

I tried Google and got the same thing. I have F-Secure which stopped a .wmf trojan. Search engine rankings are largely relevent to clicks. AFF probably just paid for clickers to get it near the top, and then people who don't know keep hitting it, keeping it there.
A couple years ago German sites took over the Google warez search results. And nobody seemed to notice. Back when I used to search for serials, if you searched Google for "warez serialz", most of the returned results I got were English-language sites, as anyone in the US would expect. About eight months later I tried to search for a particular site that I KNEW used to turn up in the first few results, and out of the first 100 Google search results, 94 were German-language sites that all seemed to be closely-interlinked. I know it was 94 out of the top 100, because I counted them. The first non-German result was on the 8th page (of ten results per page).

I asked around online and nobody else seemed to notice, or to care. I had antivirus at the time so I knew it wasn't just my machine infected with a redirect or anything. I suspect that the people I asked didn't care because it was just warez sites I was looking for, but the point was mostly that SOMEONE had found a way to totally dominate the Google search results.
At least for a while, that is....

....And I searched Google just now (for "serialz warez") as I have not in a couple years---and it's all back to different English-language sites now.
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