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Posted: 9/14/2001 9:33:26 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/14/2001 9:35:40 AM EST by Winston_Wolf]
[size=2]One way or another this act by these heartless bastards in NYC this week have effected every one of us Americans. How has it effected you or someone you know? Me, my little brother is there now. Please say a prayer for those effected and involved.[/size=2] [url]http://www.eastsidejournal.com/sited/story/html/66536[/url]
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 9:58:40 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 12:55:11 PM EST
... close friend of mine has an uncle who worked on the 81st floor of the first WTC building that was hit - but he had gone down to the cafeteria on the 41st floor to get coffee when the plane hit - and he got out of the building just minutes before the second building to get hit collapsed. He'd also been there for the 1993 attack - but had gone to lunch when it happened - so he's a pretty lucky guy.
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... yeah, I'd say he was lucky. Cool cat, he's got seven lives left. [size=3][blue]USA[/blue] [red]USA[/red], [blue]USA[/blue] [red]USA[/red], [blue]USA[/blue] [red]USA[/red], [/size=3]
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 1:35:08 PM EST
Originally Posted By DK-Prof: A close friend of mine has an uncle who worked on the 81st floor of the first WTC building that was hit - but he had gone down to the cafeteria on the 41st floor to get coffee when the plane hit - and he got out of the building just minutes before the second building to get hit collapsed. He'd also been there for the 1993 attack - but had gone to lunch when it happened - so he's a pretty lucky guy.
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If you are ever standing next to him and he gets hungry, stay with him. His stomach knows more than you think.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 4:06:26 PM EST
I haven't made one dime since 8:00AM Tuesday and am going stir crazy. Other businesses on the field are hurting because 80% of their business flies their planes here for service. Also, maintenance will slow as we are rapidly catching up the the pilots. Planerench out.
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 6:19:28 PM EST
Planewrench my physics knowing colleague: (remember the shooting a round @45 degrees topic a few years back?) Yet another connection for me following: Maurice Matsumori used to work with Diana(my wife) at Honeywell and moved to New York 2 years ago. While Diana was on business at corporate in New Jersey last year Maurice played tour guide and showed her the splendor of all the well known landmarks in NY including the WTC. The following is an email from Maurice letting everyone know he is alright. A dark contrast to what Diana had described to me of her visit to New York. RF I know that I've written to some of you already. I just wanted everyone to know I am alright. Below is what I experienced as will be recorded in my journal of the World Trade Center Attacks. __________________ There is a somber feeling here today as we await news to see if loved ones have survived. If ever there was a feeling of greatness, it is today. Despite our many differences, to see come together amidst this tragedy has been inspiring and a confirmation that ALL persons have good within. ... cont
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 6:20:35 PM EST
(cont) ... To be truthful, I was lucky to make it out alive. Yesterday, as I was watching the fire on the first tower building, I bought a disposable camera, then when I got back, all my co-workers were in a state of panic as they had just witnessed the other plane crash into the other building. As I watched the burning, I witnessed a man jump from the 80th floor as the flames and smoke became unbearable. My heart immediately went out to his loved ones. Shortly after, seeing that, we were evacuated from the building, and told to go home. I then made my way to the subway, which is no more then two hundred yards from the world trade center. Of course, with all that was going on, the subways were packed, so I awaited above ground watching the scene from up close actually taking pictures of the site with a disposable camera I had picked up along the way. The furthest thing from anyone's minds was that the building would collapse. This expectation was soon dashed as we began to hear screams and to everyone's horror, a large crashing sound filled the air, and the building began to collapse. Knowing full well that I could not outrun the debris I stayed and took a picture as the building crumbled in case that if something happened to me, they would where I was at the time of the accident. Seeing that I would have a small window to run, I ran toward the first building I saw with an open door. I stayed out momentarily and was blasted temporarily by the full force of the debris as there were others having a hard time making it to the door and needed help to get in. The building was 11 John Street. I feel it ironic that the number of the building correlates with the day (Sept. 11) of this tragic event. It seemed as though that this building would be our grave as we did not know which way the tower would collapse and we all knew that if it fell eastward, the building we were in was well within range of such a fall. Once all those that could make it in the building made it, the doors were closed, in essence, they had to be closed with so much debris coming down from the fall of the building such a short distance away. As a result, there was a great deal of debris in the building, which began to asphyxiate some of the persons there, one of which had asthma. As a result, we were forced to run up the stairs with wet towels over our mouths in search of clean air. One of the police officers who had made it in the building with us had to shoot out a door with his gun which allowed us to be in a room relatively free of debris. Here we devised an escape plan as we did not know the building fell completely and we did not want to risk being there any more. After a half hour or so, we were assigned to a partner to whom we assigned. The older individuals would walk in front of the younger persons in case the needed assistance from us once in the streets. (cont)
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 6:21:36 PM EST
(cont} My partner was Steve, and we were told to hold hands as the dust outside rendered the visibility to little more then fifty yards at best. Steve was like me in that we in that he had a love of life and we refused to be defeated at this time. As we continued, we were all floored at the sites we saw. There was an ash like soot on the ground which reminded me of my hike to Mt. St. Helens. There were shoes on the streets which women had discarded (high heels) so that they could run. Others said they saw cellphones, we all saw bags and the like which people had left in order to run. If ever there was a war zone, we were in it. As we made it toward the East side, the debris began to clear, and I looked back to see the remaining tower of which I took a picture of it. We were with many other survivors at this point, one of which was a woman who didn't have her shoes on, so I walked with her a bit. Suddenly, people began screaming again and to our terror, the other building, which no more then a few minutes before I had photographed, began to tumble to the earth. The woman I was with couldn't sprint, so I walked with her. Fortunately, we were a greater distance from the scene and the debris was minimal. As we went on Water Street, there were tens of thousands of others who made the exodus to their homes. As there were no forms of public transportation, there was a line of people that extended for miles. As I made the six mile walk home, I listened to the radios to get more detail on what happened. I befriended many on the way home. We were all bonded through a tragic event. My heart swelled within me when I saw those who in everyday life would not give each other the time of day, offer assistance. There were people from stores that had water stands out for the people walking toward home, there were persons that opened up their bathrooms for persons to use (that's a BIG deal in New York). One I befriended and walked a majority of the way to uptown with named Peter told me of his child and how that she had made him late today. A fortunate factor as it may have saved his life. I witnessed a work truck that filled it's truck bed with people it had picked up and was delivering them to places as a service. Essentially, if one wanted to see the greatness of human spirit, you needed only to visit New York today. When I returned home, I was overwhelmed by the love of all of you my friends who called me in droves and wished me well through E-Mail. To all of you, (cont)
Link Posted: 9/14/2001 6:22:07 PM EST
(cont)\I wish to say that I love and appreciate you. It is amazing how at times like this, one realizes how precious friendship is and that it truly is one of the things you can take with you after this life. As I was in the first building and understanding that I might not make it, there were only two things on my mind, and it wasn't how much money I had made, how much I could bench, how much power I had, the two things and only things that mattered were first, that you never know when life is going to end, and second, be sure your clean before the Lord. There were many people today who were non-believers and possibly atheists that certainly got religious really fast today. I know I have been blessed to live. The best way to live that I can see are these: Be Clean before the Lord Treat others with respect and learn to love and serve them Be productive I share these things with you because you are my friends. I thought of many of you this day and am grateful you thought of me as well. Thanks for everything especially your friendship! With much love and appreciation! Maurice
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