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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/8/2002 7:27:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/8/2002 7:29:36 PM EST by ArmaLiter]
Sometimes I like to write out the things that bother me the most to relieve tension and this is one of the times that I am doing just that. So here goes. Why is society so committed to blaming a crime, addiction, or accident on anyone or anything else except for the person who actually who caused it? If a person chooses, again, CHOOSES to smoke cigarettes or anything else, why does society sue or make tabacco companies liable to warn the consumer when somebody gets lung cancer. It doesn't take a genius or even an idiot to figure out that inhaling smoke isn't good for you. The same goes for alcohol companies. I like to drink myself and if I ever got liver damage or something else from drinking too much, I would only blame it on myself. I wouldn't be an an A$$hole like many other people in this world and blame the liquor company and take them to court because they didn't warn me that their product was bad for me. Another case that we all know is firearm manufacturers or the firearm itself is blamed for a shooting. Oh no, the person who pulled the trigger isn't the first person to blame in this society. One day I let a long time friend of mine drive my car. Unfortunately he got into a little fender bender which was his fault and caused a little over a $1,000 dollars damage to the other car. We both assumed that since HE was the driver that HIS insurance would take care of it. Well it seems that in Illinois, an auto accident is covered not by the insurance of the guilty party, that is, the person who caused the accident, but the accident has to be paid by the insurance company of the car that hit the other vehicle. So in other words, it is the vehicle's fault, not the driver's fault in the eyes of the insurance companies. So now I had to pay an extra premium on my auto insurance plus lose a safe driver discount on my insurance even though I wasn't even the person at fault. Oh, I guess I'm at fault. I was freaking generous to a friend and let him drive my car. What does this asanine society expect me to do? Take a life long friend, who barely makes enough money to support a wife and three children, to court and sue him for the damage he caused and making things harder on him and his family and possibly losing a good friend? A life long friend is more important to me than a rise in insurance costs. My friend is really sorry about what he had done and I know that he would had covered the cost of the damage if he could, but I know his financial situations and I know that he never will be able to. So since it ends up being my car's fault, according to the insurance companies, I guess I have to be an A$$hole and take my car's manufacturer to court for not having a warning sticker on it that states that when this vehicle strikes another car, it may cause damage!!! Okay I feel better now. Well, not really. This society really burns me up sometimes. [pissed] [b]ArmaLiter[/b]
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