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Posted: 8/4/2005 6:08:23 PM EDT
I see the commercials, use high speed internet line to cal your friends. Is it legit? Does anyone use it.
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 6:27:05 PM EDT
I have had it for about a month.  No problems at all.  Voice quality is as good or better than regular land line.  I have had to turn the volume down on all my phones.  Go to their website and check out their forums.  Plenty of people with complaints, just none from me.  (Yet)  Make sure to check out their 911 work around and determine whether this is something you can live with.
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 6:32:24 PM EDT

I see the commercials, use high speed internet line to cal your friends. Is it legit? Does anyone use it.

I use it.  (Iowa)

My brother uses it  (Wisconson)

My parents use it  (Illinois)

There are some problems, but they are being worked out.

For one, there is no enhanced 911.  Yet.
You dial 911, and the system dials a preset local cop shop's non-emergency line.
And you have to tell them who you are, and where you are.

Second, our Vonage box seems to get hot and stop working properly after 15 minutes
of being on the phone or so.  Neither my parents or brother have that problem.
(I need to call Vonage and get that fixed)

Third, there is some noise on the line that shouldn't be there.
Noticed it on mine and my parents line.  

However, free unlimited local AND longdistance calls anywhere in the US for only $27 a month!

And if you are friendly with the inlaws, and they have it available in their area,
you can pay an additional $5 a month to have a "virtual" phone number in their area.
That way even if they are long distance, they can call a local number and it rings to
your house.

AND, if you have broadband access anywhere else in the US, you can take the
Vonage box with you and simply plug it in.  The box automatically syncs up with
Vonage, and you automatically receive your home phone calls whereever you are.

Damn cool.

Still in it's infant stage, and always getting better.


Link Posted: 8/4/2005 6:34:02 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 6:35:04 PM EDT

Check out the Vonage forums.  A lot of people have had the "16 minute" problem.  I forget why, but it has been discussed in depth over there.
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 6:35:52 PM EDT
neighbor has it....raves about it
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