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Posted: 10/21/2001 6:35:57 AM EDT
Just felt like writing this one in. I picked up through some of the threads that some ranges do not like people shooting the AR15s. Well I got my first taste of that yesterday. I went to my local "County" range just to check it out since its 5miles away and only $7/hour for rifle. When I got there I noticed the fixed 100yrd targets and being my first time on an outdoor range I decided ok that kinda sucks that its not adjustable but 100yds would be fun to setup and see how accurate I am. So I speak to one of the range officers and explain this is my first visit here and if he could give me an overview. This older man seemed to like that and gave me all the tips and offered to assist me site in my AR15. He explained how my grouping should be on my rifle 100yds out. So I go setup and we get the green light to fire. I look down range realize quickly shit I need binoculours (sp). I pump out three rounds slowly and realized all the stations are full and the few fixed view scopes they have mounted on the rails are in front of shooting stations. So I try to flag over the RO. No dice. Luckily a guy gets up and leaves the range area for a few mins with his rifle, so I (feeling awkward I am in this guys station) use the view scope and noticed im 2" above bullseye. When I finished looking there he is pissed that I'm in his station. Head back and adjust and shoot again. Well yet again no scope to check my shots and RO is BSing down the line so I am on my own and cannot see what the hell im doing. So finish off my mag figuring ill just see what Im doing at cease fire when they swap out the targets. Then comes the other RO down to my station and he asks me how many rounds are in my magazine. I tell him 30. He tells me they have a 1 round limit. I said ok, I'm not rapid firing and only 1 round is being chambered. He does not like that reply and gives me some attitude telling me I cannot use my magazines. So I tell him fine, I am done I cannot even site up my firing anyway since I do not have a scope and I will let my barrel cool down and leave. He then quickly reminds me to pick up my shell cases with an attitude again. I walked away pissed but talking with other people that have shot there they told me they had similiar experiences and they have not been back since. Oh well, I ended up packing up, going upstate and got in an hour and half of indoor shooting and was also given permission again for rapid fire. I had a blast and put out 600 rounds up there! I knew I should have gone there to begin with but oh well now the curiousity is gone about this local range. I'm really not so pissed about the rules and the poor setup of the place just the attitude that was given to me. There is no need to be rude like that to people because I was extremely friendly and respectful and expect the same in return.
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Originally Posted By raf: Maybe you and a few like-minded buddies ought to join this local club, put in some time and effort, and show them how to change their evil ways. Just a thought...
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Actually none of my friends shoot rifles anymore[V] just pistols. I am working on that permit, takes up to 12mos in this county. Also, its not a club its Gov't owned range and I failed to mention the RO with the attitude was County Sheriff cop. So I do not think I can convince him to change his ways. It's ok I would rather pay my money to a range that welcomes newcomers and is extremely friendy and helpful. Hell, the indoor range RO even gave me my own bucket so I didnt have to keep scouping up handfuls of shells and walk back and forth to dump them when I was swimming in them. [8D]
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Link Posted: 10/21/2001 7:17:00 AM EDT
Every time I read a post like this one it reminds me how fortunate I have been to have been born and raised in Texas. While we have the people with attitudes of your range officers here, we have enough wide open spaces to have more places to go to get away. God Bless Texas fullclip
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