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Posted: 9/13/2005 6:01:00 AM EDT
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From: Brian
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 12:16 AM
To: xxxx
Subject: RE: glad to hear you're helping...

Hey Pop,

Just finishing another long night, and heading to bed. Email has been hit or miss for a while with Cox, so yes this is a better way to chat. Not sure how much of this you want to pass along... so feel free to edit. And I'm far from being any kind of hero... The real heroes are these crazy CG Divers hanging from a cord, pulling people from their rooftops while some idiot neighbor in his crack house is shooting at them!

Glad to hear that you've passed the word along about some of the goings on here in Louisiana... obviously the major networks won't tell you what should be told, and Fox is doing a good job about getting the real word out, but there's so much more to the story that they just can't report about... its not in the publics best interest to hear about the incredible number of murders that have been going on, or how the green berets are here on the roof tops at night with their night vision goggles. They've been taking out these looters and rapists one by one at night when they don' t think they're being seen. The first couple of nights here they were capping about 20 or so a night, now its down to half a dozen a night... they've been cleaning out the city very efficiently. The weird part is you never know its coming... just a short bright flash from a rooftop corner somewhere downtown and a few seconds later, a little muffled whoomp from the muzzle blast....sad to say it's gratifying, but with the stuff that's been going on, it's hard not to feel these punks deserve it.

The rest of the city is pretty much cleared out now, except for the corpses floating in the water. The airport has been our main staging area for the sick and injured ones. (Can you walk? Great... go to gate 5 please... and your sir, you need a wheelchair? Ok, get on this luggage cart and we'll take you to gate 7! Just crazy!) There are so many of these people that probably have typhoid, or another bacterial infection that will end up dying that we'll probably never know the true final death count.

The open wounds from they have on their legs and feet from the water burning them, are disgusting. We've even seen a number of cases of tuberculosis too. Then there's the people that went to a NOLA hospital that were so obese that when the water started rising the staff couldn't get them up the stair wells to the dry floors and were forced to leave them downstairs to slowly drown. Nurses were starting IV's on each other just to stay hydrated when the water ran out. The bodies in the streets
were being tied up to fences and lightposts by the Guard so they wouldn't float away and could be retrieved later. Have you noticed how the news doesn't show 'Live' aerial shots any more? Too many bodies floating... The only thing thicker than the stench that's in the air are the flies! We looked around yesterday and thought we heard a low flying aircraft and wondered what in the hell these guys were doing flying so low only to realize it was a swarm of flies! We're losing our minds! I'm sure a lot of us will need therapy for years to come! There's so many other things we've seen that I'm not even sure how to talk about them yet. I'd almost rather have gone to fight in Iraq than to see what's happened here. If they don't tear down the Superdome and start all over with something new, I'll never be able to walk into that place again. It might just be what the 'Aints need to start winning, anyway! We heard about some guy who had been rescued from a hospital and when he asked where they were taking him and he heard "another hospital", he jumped out of the boat because he wanted to go to the dome since he couldn't sell his crack in the hospitals. Go figure....

So that's my news for now... I'll try to catch you up on other things in a few days. I'll just leave you with one more story that came out of Baton Rouge. Yesterday the Rev. Jesse Jackson showed up in Baton Rouge, I wished he would have showed up in Sheriff Harry Lee's office as we would have NEVER heard from him again. He said, "Bush has NOT appointed a Single Black to head up this Katrina Relief, the Black Caucus and Black Leaders all over America are upset with him putting the Black Folks on the side and it is OUR people who are sitting on their roof tops waiting for Rescue, OUR people who are standing in line at the Superdome waiting on Food, Water and a Ride to a safe place, OUR people who have been locked down in Poverty..." and so on.

George Sell the Anchorman for TV 9 news responded to Jesse, "Rev. Jackson, the Mayors of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are Black, the Police Chief's of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are Black, the Head of the LA State Police is Black, the Head of the Army conducting the Army's operation on the Ground in New Orleans is Black, the Congressman from New Orleans is Black and for the last 40 years, the leaders of LA have been members of the Democratic Party, YOUR Party, don't blame us like you are doing, look in the Mirror, you pull the Race Card any time you don't get your way, we are in a Terrible Crisis and right now we need to come together and here you come to Louisiana and holler Racism, just like you do, it is NEVER EVER your fault, ALWAYS someone else, but here you are sitting High and Dry, why don't you go out in to the waters where they are shooting at the Rescue personnel and help in the Rescue???'"

Hats off to George Sell for putting him in his place, Harry Lee would have put Jesse in his place and then some! This is a time to come together and work together, not the time to pull the race card!

Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:11:17 AM EDT
interesting read.

Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:13:14 AM EDT
Enlightening to say the least.

Good to get the real stories out, not only will it let everyone know exactly how people behave in times of crisis, but it will also show the media (again) to be poor conveyors of the truth.

Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:14:04 AM EDT
Background/Info on the email?
Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:16:34 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:21:22 AM EDT
I wonder about the shoot on sight thing ?

PP are you the " Pops" from the e-mail ?
Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:25:12 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/13/2005 6:26:45 AM EDT by treemydawg]
holy s@#t! i'm glad to see that all the media types aren't left wing assholes.
please tell brian thanks for the update and buy him a beer or ten for me when ya see him next!!!!!
Link Posted: 9/13/2005 6:31:13 AM EDT
It sounds fishy to me.

How does he know it's the green berets shooting looters and murderers if the only sign of them is random gunshots in the middle of the night?

"So I heard that this one guy jumped off the boat to go sell crack at the superdome!"

It sounds like a bunch of rumors to me.
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