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Posted: 8/29/2005 6:12:00 PM EDT
Well, this is my first rant on ARFCOM, but I'm sure some will sympathize.

So I order a bunch of computer parts on Thursday, Aug 18th from several vendors. I really didn't expect to see anything until the following Friday. All the parts shipped on Friday, Aug 19th. I thought it was strange when I wasn't getting one of the shipments until Monday, Aug 29th. I was a little agitated that UPS was going to take that long, but it was cross-country, so I let it slide. After Monday, Aug 21st, I hadn't heard shit in terms of tracking info. This is not unusual, again, for a cross country trek.

It starts to get interesting this morning. I leave notes on the door with signatures, then I watch the tracking info. When it gets delivered (usually around lunchtime) I head home to take the packages inside. Well, I look at the tracking info and it says some BS yesterday morning about a late train, but it is in Seattle. The website still says I'll have it today. Around noon, I see a "DEPARTURE SCAN" from Seattle. Knowing it will hit a hub near here before it hits my doorstep, I call CS and speak to a nice lady who tells me that it will *certainly* make it to my house by 7pm today. Relieved, I plan to augment my errands this evening to get all the rest of the things I needed.

Well, on my way home, I pass the UPS hub. I decide to head in to make sure it's not still sitting there. I show the guy the printed tracking info. He says, "yeah, no way you'll get that today." Well, crap, now I'm pissed. I spent time and gas running around tonight (tomorrow these errands would have been on the way to other things) after the assurance of the UPS bim' on the phone that I would have it tonight. I knew I should have trusted my gut.

I realize this all sounds like sour grapes, but why is it that UPS CS consistently screws me (this is 3 times this year) and I never have a problem with FedEx or USPS? I guess I just got that kind of charm.

Link Posted: 8/29/2005 7:49:17 PM EDT
UPS is currently screwing me over a damaged package so you are not alone.
Link Posted: 8/29/2005 7:52:05 PM EDT
Call them and demand to get your 200 ins. that they give you when you ship a box, they try to say if you dony buy it they cant help you,but that is BS. They give you 200.00 automactily
Link Posted: 8/29/2005 7:53:36 PM EDT
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