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Posted: 12/31/2003 11:48:47 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/31/2003 11:50:21 AM EDT by Bang]
The story so far,

I just sent this e-mail to UPS.

I paid for second day air. When tracking my shipment (XXXXXXXXXXXXX) on the day of delivery I got a message saying delivery was rescheduled because of wrong address. But in the e-mail and when talking to customer service they had the right address. I was then told there was no way to talk to anybody at the Tualatin shipping location about contacting the driver to find out if I could pick up my package. After asking to speak to a supervisor they all of a sudden had Tualatin dispatch on the phone and I was told they had put the package on the wrong truck. I would like to know if it is your policy to lie to your customers when you make mistakes. I paid for a service and I expect to get what I paid for and to be treated honestly. I needed that part I ordered today, that's way I paid for second day air. I made arrangements with work to come in late so I could be here for delivery. Now I am waiting for a return call to find out if I can waste more of my time and go pick up the package you people were too incompetent to deliver. Although the way I have been lied to so far I not holding my breath for the phone call. I expect a complete refund for your breach of contract and an apology from the employees who lied to me. I will be posting this message and your response or lack of on the many forums I am a member of for the many thousands of  your customers to read. WE DO NOT LIKE BEING LIED TOO. GET IT?

Link Posted: 12/31/2003 11:53:40 AM EDT
Do those people really give a $hit what ONE indidual says? Probably not. BUT if your were Cabela's, then you got their attention.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 4:18:40 PM EDT
Originally Posted By warlord:
Do those people really give a $hit what ONE indidual says? Probably not. BUT if your were Cabela's, then you got their attention.
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Unfortunately, he is exactly right.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 4:26:01 PM EDT
[b]F that Brown Truck. UPS sucks , the same thing happen to me. When ever I can I choose shipping with one of the more professional shippers. Bike couriers are more competent.[/b]
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 4:38:18 PM EDT
UPS has really gone downhill.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 4:40:27 PM EDT
Overall I think they do a pretty good job. I've had my share of "where the hell is my package" days. The only one that pissed me off is when they delivered my 20" upper to the wrong house even though the package had the correct address. It sat in the rain overnight and luckily the bubble-wrap kept it somewhat dry but the summer condensation got to it. Had to strip it down and clean it really good that night.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 4:50:45 PM EDT
Originally Posted By 455SD:
Originally Posted By warlord:
Do those people really give a $hit what ONE indidual says? Probably not. BUT if your were Cabela's, then you got their attention.
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Unfortunately, he is exactly right.
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Not true at all. As a former "Package Car Driver" for UPS, I can tell you that if you call them you will get results. just remember that 1-800 number on the side of that package car, if you have your drivers name thats plus too!
Guarenteed, you might not see it happen but that driver will not make the same mistake twice.
JUst so you know, I left UPS on my own, I didn't get any help from [s]the Gestapo[/s]
I mean management.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 6:21:04 PM EDT
Actually, I think UPS [i]ususally[/i] does a good job.

If you really want a headache try FedEx Ground.

Link Posted: 12/31/2003 6:32:05 PM EDT
You can write my name and the name of my town/ state on a box, give it to UPS, and it will find me.

The last thing I had shipped Fedex, they returned to sender because they couldn't find my house. Second time out, the FedEx driver dropped it off at the post office.

In the last 5 years and 3 addresses, fedex has yet to deliver a package to my door on the first go-around. Once I had to drop by their local office and pick up my package.

Admittedly, I live out in the sticks. I think UPS does such a good job because of the local driver.

On the other hand, we use fedex at work on a daily basis for shipping documents the evening before the deadline. They haven't missed a beat that I know of.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 7:21:41 PM EDT
I prefer the USPS.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 7:30:53 PM EDT
I hate UPS.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 7:38:24 PM EDT
I had to drive a half hour each way to track down the truck my part was on. The driver said he had the same street name on his route that's why he got the package. I guess they don't use the town and zip code anymore. They weren't the same or even close.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 8:11:29 PM EDT
I will not buy from a online source if UPS is the shipper. I dont care if I have to pay more for the product elsewhere.

I use FedEX, Airbourne Express, & USPS.

FedEX: I've never had a problem, My packages show up by 9am, and usually a day or two early.  

Airbourne: on time and delivered between 7 - 9am.

USPS: Bought a dvd on ebay,  but during shipping BEER was spilled onto the mail thus soaking my dvd's paper case.  I got a OOps Were sorry, sooooo sorry baggie with and mess in it and a dvd.

UPS:  I gave them 3 strikes, They used 5 in one month for a single package.

Strike 1 (QOS): I paid for 3 day shipping, Seller shipped day of payment. [b]10 days later[/b] it finally arrived at the local sort facility and was supposedly on a truck for delivery.

Strike 2 (The LIE): Waited 3 days and never came. They LOST IT but refused to admit it. Instead they kept say he delivered it.  I know he didn't.

Strike 3 (the Truth comes out): [b]2 weeks later[/b] it shows up in [b]ALASKA[/b].

Strike 4 (Lack of Responcability): [b]12 more days[/b] until it made it's way back to the facility for delivery.  I had them hold it I'd pick the damn thing up.

Strike 5 (Customer Service): They refused to give the money I paid for shipping back.  Or any thin to make this up.  SCREW THEM.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 8:20:09 PM EDT
I have a good UPS story, well kinda anyway.

My driver recently retired, unbeknownst to me. A different driver showed up one, and I really didnt give it much thought.

About a week later I open up the local newspaper and see a sizeable picture of my UPS driver. I start the think the worst (Oh God, he died and this is his obituary). I start reading it and find out: It is his announcement that he RETIRED! In it, he apologized to his customers of 35 years for the "ad", and that he didnt get to say goodbye personally.

That ad ran everyday for a week, at what I am sure is a substantial cost. That guy delivered me loads of ammo, each time walking to my door saying "More ammo huh?", and leaving with a "Thank You".

Thanks UPS guy Frank.
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