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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/8/2002 9:35:04 AM EST
Once again it is the guns fault and not the user of the gun that is the problem! ---------------------------------------------- KABUL, Afghanistan (news - web sites) (AP) - Saying the ``rule of the gun'' must end, the U.N. human rights representative for Afghanistan insisted Monday that Afghans will [b]feel truly free[/b] only after weapons are restricted, jobs created and daily routines re-established. But Kamal Hossain said that can happen only if two pivotal parties - Afghanistan's interim government and the international community that backs it - keep their word to a population already hardened by years of broken promises. ``These are the priorities of the people - to be secure in their lives and to be able to be productive again, to have employment, to have the wherewithal to sustain themselves and their families,'' said Hossain, the U.N. special representative for human rights in Afghanistan. ``In that sense, it's a time of hope and expectation,'' he told a news conference after days of speaking to government officials, U.N. Afghanistan Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and ordinary citizens. Three weeks into Afghanistan's post-Taliban interim government, Hossain drew a portrait of a people who hunger not only for stability and safety, but for the chance to reconstruct their lives as they see fit. That, he suggested, is among the most basic definitions of human rights - along with food, shelter and the freedom from being shot or blown up by a land mine. ---[b]I did not know that being shot or blown up was able to hold someone captive. I would have written "and to live without fear of..."[/b] His field visit to Afghanistan comes as thousands of refugees - both from bordering Pakistan and Iran and from within Afghanistan are on the move, aided by both their new government and the United Nationsin returning to their home villages.
Link Posted: 1/8/2002 9:37:14 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/8/2002 9:38:40 AM EST by FullRange]
--continued Hossain said disarmament - and the willingness to do it - will create the environment that all Afghans, including refugees, require to start rebuilding their lives. ----[b]I know it's a different world over there. They have got to change their mind set to move forward[/b] ``The rule of law must replace the rule of the gun. Too long has the [b]gun created[/b] an environment in which people have lived in fear,'' he said. ``The guns that have been firing until very recently ... must not only be silenced, they must be decommissioned,'' Hossain said. ``You must develop the capacity of the state to protect life and property.'' ---[b]so does that mean that the state will protect you?[/b] He said the U.S.-led coalition should make sure that civilian casualties are not only minimized but avoided through all steps possible. ``If there are errors, there should be an attempt to inquire into it to see that those errors could be avoided in further conduct,'' he said. Hossain said the world has ``a commitment which it must keep'' to assist Afghanistan both now and further along in its reconstruction. ``There is a great amount of this feeling that Afghanistan has been let down in the past,'' he said. But help, he said, is not the same as nations pulling strings for strategic purposes. Afghans, he suggested, ``would want to tell the world outside: `You have interfered with us in the past. You have sent the guns. you have used those guns for various purposes which are not Afghan purposes. And we want to see that end.' `` ---[b] what a crock.. so we sent them guns and forced them to fire them at their own people? and what various purposes have "we" used those guns is he refering too? Afghan's need alot of things but the best thing this guy could do is educate the people. I don't think that much will change over there, to much in-fighting and stubborn views of "do it my way or else" Live and let Live (or is that Live and let Die?)[/b]
Link Posted: 1/8/2002 9:37:37 AM EST
Shit. Those Motherfu%%ers at the UN never learn. BTW, I don't recall seeing any "UN soldiers" taking back Afghanistan. Just like those hacks to step in and try calling the shots.
Link Posted: 1/8/2002 9:47:49 AM EST
Look closely at how his speech was worded.... first sentance the comment on how guns need to be [b]restricted[/b] and then near the end (when everyone is thinking of other things) he slips and lets the true agenda out - "they must be DECOMMISSIONED" Same old story....give up your guns you will be safer and we will "protect" you. evilization political masturbation legislation restriction registration confiscation burial-ization
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