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Posted: 10/17/2002 11:14:11 AM EDT
I have recently noticed an influx of [s]inbred racist jackasses[/s] individuals (who in the interests of comity shall remain nameless), who seem to be attempting to hijack this board as a soapbox for their [s]asinine drivel[/s] opinions. The moderators of this board, for the sake of said comity, would like us to refrain from addressing these individuals' particular brand of stupidity in the manner which it so richly deserves. Now, I must confess a certain weakness, based on my experiences with this type of [s]moron[/s] person, which makes it difficult to comply with the wishes of management, so I would propose a compromise. Would it be possible to install filters to allow someone to enter a member's name (say, as a purely hypothetical example, "Hunter88") and thereby be able to completely ignore any postings by that member. This way, these [s]twits[/s] people are free to post, and the other members of the board are free to treat them as if they didn't exist.
Link Posted: 10/17/2002 11:26:53 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/17/2002 11:27:20 AM EDT
It's not all that new an event, The neo-nazi's have always been here on AR15.com, Though not in the numbers seen on many other gun boards. I dare say that if Goatboy and the Avila's attempted to weed out the Nazi's, skin heads and anti Government tin foil guys from this sight, they would end up banning 25% of the membership. These guys have always been around the firearms scene and there is really no way to get rid of them (as much as I'd like to see them crawl back into the little racist hole that they came out of.) The mods here at AR15.com are a mixed bunch, many are very anti-Nazi/Racist, however at times I wonder if a couple of the mods, do not have hidden sympathy for racist and lunatic far right causes. There have even been times, when I felt a couple of Mods were working to protect our net Nazi posters, but over all, the mods are a mixed bag of beliefs, just as you would find in any other segment of society.
Link Posted: 10/17/2002 11:32:45 AM EDT
Two things: 1) Some forum software versions do have the "IGNORE" option. 2) Mr. Ed simply asked to not highjack threads to attack Mr. 88. (So, this thread is perfectly okay, as long as everyone stays civil.) [b]HINT ON CIVILITY[/b]: Just try not to sink to a common level when responding to Mr. 88..... Scott
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