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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/21/2001 7:14:29 PM EST
I was flying back from Tennessee Thursday and I arrived at the airport in Nashville at 9:30 am. I was scheduled for the 1:30 pm flight and I wanted to check in early. Next to the NW desk, I see about 15 middle easterners at the Delta desk. They have a giant cart filled with crap and they are boisterous. I go to the counter and the girl asks me if I want to take the 10:10 am flight. I say yes but think this is how ironic stories start. I tell her if there is no room that it is ok and I will wait. She gets me on the flight and I think at least I will not have to travel with the menagerie next to me. I get on the plane in an exit row next to the window. I am getting comfortable when I hear a ruckus. I look over and I see the middle easterners board the plane. They all have giant carry-on bags and are trying to find overhead bins. I am feeling nervous but things settle down and they shut the cabin door for take-off. The next thing I know they open the door and let three more on. Each carrying their giant carry-on bag and looking for overhead space. What a cluster f-ck! As this is going on the others are going back into their bags and getting stuff out and moving around the cabin. At this point, I am thinking about leaving the plane. I am wondering why the hell you need to show up three hours early. While this is going on I am trying to figure out who the leader is and who can help on the flight in case things go to shit. We take-off and land and all went well. Nevertheless, if this is the new and improved security, we are screwed!
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