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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/23/2001 11:10:12 AM EST
Ok guys, what the heck is the law (Alabama or elsewhere, I don't care)on transfering long guns. Fellow gunny (hey Hatebreed) has traded me his FAL. He and I are in diferent states. The FAL is at the dealer right now but he won't transfer it without a copy of the seller's FFL. This is a first for me. He said that it didn't matter whether it is a pistol or long gun, he has to document having a transfer from another dealer. He never did this to me before. Is this a conspiracy between FFL holders to squeeze a bit more dough from us?? I don't like it one bit and I know Hatebreed doesn't either. So what is the real "scoop" on this?? Lawdog
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Receiver must go thru an FFL to receive the gun. Exception of CA all transfers must go thru FFL on both ends.
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Your dealer is full of shit, next he will want to charge tax on the gun as well, time to find a new dealer.
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I will agree he's full of shit.
Link Posted: 8/23/2001 12:03:20 PM EST
Beer Slayer, Yep... that was me. This is a different dealer, though. The first one (Larry's in Mobile)renigged on our "hand shake" deal and tried to extract more out of me... I don't do business with him anymore. This dealer is out in Theodore (Southern Gun). I've done A LOT of business out there with the dad (Bob) and his son Danny. This "situation" about needing a FFL from the seller is a new one for sure. I've done numerous deals through them before and this is the first time they have taken this position. I don't want to make them mad at me because of our excellent good-will in the past and there are so few dealers down here in Mobile. I guess Danny just doesn't understand the law or maybe he knows something we don't. Anyway, can't get my FAL until I get a FFL. (Hey! That kinda' rhymes) Lawdog
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Thanks Mike (Beer Sayer) for the kind assistance :) I'll just have to be patient and wait, I guess. Incidentally, I'm only here in Mobile until my 23 year old "kid" decides what the heck he wants to do and where to live after he finishes college in about 6 months. Mobile's weather sucks... the people suck... it's too humid... to many people... to many people with "chips on their shoulders" about being discriminated against (you know what I mean). Mobile is just a transitional location for me. Maybe I'll move down (over) to FLA. and get to know Landon a little better. Lawdog
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Link Posted: 8/23/2001 12:42:43 PM EST
Originally Posted By lawdog: I guess Danny just doesn't understand the law or maybe he knows something we don't. Anyway, can't get my FAL until I get a FFL. (Hey! That kinda' rhymes) Lawdog
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Maybe he hopes you don't know the law and he can use this as an 'excuse' to 'confiscate' it and resell it. I know it sounds far fetched, but what are the choices. If the seller doesn't have an FFL, he CAN'T send it back to him, especially in another state, and he won't release it to you because neither the seller nor you have an FFL. Catch 22. According to his reasoning, the only legal thing for him to do is keep the rifle.
Link Posted: 8/23/2001 12:49:37 PM EST
Man Larry !!! Don't say that!!!! You'll Jinx me!!!! I have to trust that the dealer is honest since I have not experienced anything else from them. I'll just wait for the seller to get me a dealer up there (Missouri) to send a FFL. In the mean time, man, don't even think such things!!!! Lawdog
Link Posted: 8/23/2001 1:01:49 PM EST
LarryG, I don't think that will happen. If for some off the wall reason that dude thinks he can hold my property hostage(mine until lawdog gets it) I'll simply report the weapon stolen and inform the ATF where it can be found. 10 years in club fed will give him a fine lesson in ethics if indeed he is trying to get over on Lawdog.
Link Posted: 8/23/2001 5:54:36 PM EST
If the rifle didn't go through a dealer's books on the sender's end, why would a dealer give him an FFL to send to your dealer? If they did that, it would go into your FFL's books as having come from a dealer that never had it. I don't think many dealers would be willing to do that. Your dealer can legally ship it back to the guy who sent it to him- no different than you shipping a gun to an FFL for repairs and him sending it right back to you. I've seen lots of dealers doing this- requiring all guns to be shipped FROM an FFL, even though it's not required by law. I think it's mainly a CYA thing.
Link Posted: 8/23/2001 9:52:33 PM EST
One thing you can try is threatening him with filing a lawsuit, or better yet if you have a friend who is an attorney and will do a little pro bono work for you just have the attorney send the dealer a little note telling him about the little lawsuit you will file if you don’t get your FAL. Maybe the simplest thing would be to have a little chat with his father since you stated you have done business with both him and his son in the past and this is the first time you have had this kind of trouble. And if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, tell him you would like to solve this problem with going to court or you taking any other action. If that doesn’t work then maybe get a lawyer and try to work it out without going to court and make sure he pays for the lawyer. You can also complain to the BATF, I can’t believe I just typed that, but it might work. Dealers do not like any BATF entanglements, and that is for sure. But just don’t let them get away with pulling this sh*t on you.
Link Posted: 8/23/2001 10:05:17 PM EST
If he is full of crap, all the dealers in San Antonio TX are full of crap too. I was charged 30 bucks plus shipping to tranfer out. to receive they tell me I need the ffl on the other end before they give me my rifle.
Link Posted: 8/24/2001 12:52:22 AM EST
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Link Posted: 8/24/2001 7:16:44 AM EST
And the vote is.... The dealer is full of shit!
Link Posted: 8/24/2001 8:11:57 AM EST
Special thanks to Big Bear !!! I printed the ATF FAQ's and went to the dealer. I showed him in B&W that he didn't need no stinking FFL from the sender. He was quite embarrased and made some excuses but he transferred the FAL... finally. Also thanks to Hatebreed for making my dream :) come true!!! Lawdog
Link Posted: 8/24/2001 11:57:05 AM EST
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