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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/15/2001 7:25:14 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 7:53:02 AM EST
In October of '76 my brigade, 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, deployed to the Mojave Desert for 2 months of desert training. We were, at that time the first to undergo desert training since the early 60's. We had a German Sgt. Major from the Bundeswehr come in and oversee the training regiem as we prepared for several months prior to deployment. He had been an original member of the Afrika Korp under Rommel in the Western Desert. Basically, they PT the crap out of you. We did lot's of mountain climbing, learned about dehydration and the importance of keeping properly hydrated. Mountainous terrain, in a desert offers special challenges to modern, mounted warriors. Many can be overcome. We have a secret weapon though. The National Training Center at Ft. Irwin CA. The OPFOR, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, are experts at manuver in rough, mountainous, desert conditions. Our forces get the crap beat out of them on a regular basis during rotations. BTW-a fellow EagleHorse (2d Squadron 11th ACR) alumni who made SSG on the same day as me, is now the Regimental Sgt. Maj. of the 11th ACR, Steve Flood.
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 8:02:40 AM EST
... I've lived in the desert all my life. As the "Camelpak" logo says: [size=2][red]Hydrate or Die[/red][/size=2] ... is absolutely correct. If you dehydrate you can quickly lose your ability to reason and motor skills will turn to crap. Neither are good qualities when fighting a war. my/.02
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 8:20:33 AM EST
Part of my childhood was spent in the Barstow/Needles, KA. That is of course the Mojave Desert. I actually love the Desert. Winter is coming to Afghanistan, if we move now, we totally isolate the whole country from receiving any outside food, supplies, weapons, fuel and so on. No flights in or out, period. If need be take out all runway's early on. In other words, without stepping foot in the country take out the "Logistics" and "Communications" so necessary to support any war effort. Do this for a minimum of 6 - 8 months to start with. Meanwhile, back at the ranch keep building up the Military in Pakistan and Russia for their help and airfields. Keep international support on our side, etc. By the way, forget the "Humanitarian" harm to the innocents. If the "Taliban Regime" chooses to "Make their bed, let them lay" in it. Meanwhile, support the resistance to the Taliban Regime anyway we can.
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