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Posted: 9/22/2004 6:27:12 AM EDT
I've been a member here for a couple years. I lurked before that about a year or so. Spent a couple years lurking and posting over on AW.net and I see some of the guys here also. There is alot in common here among most folks and where we are different I wish to try and bring us together with my.....

The general purpose of this thread is to try and get a couple things up front. And what I mean by that is very possibly having a few (if not more) STICKY'S put on a few threads.
We live in a world unlike 20 or even 10 years ago. Very fast moving and people are detached more and more from realities of life as it Zings past us at light speed. We are detached from life and death. It seems more and more people put less and less value in life. More or less, life is cheap. It is only worth what value that YOU put into it. With that said I think it is important that we keep things like this fresh in our minds. As a fasted paced an ever changing culture, our society (in the US) is different from one year to the next. My effort here is in an effort to get a few 'THREADS' to have 'STICKYS' put on them as daily reminders.

I will attach a poll. And asking YOUR input as ARF members.
My personal idea of what we should be seeing daily with sticky's, in no particular order, in no particular order, and not limited to:
*Beheading Threads (possibly grouped)
*Russian Masacre Thread
*9/11 Thread (memorial)

We hear about this things and then I know that alot of people let them go. Forget about them.
These things should be kept fresh in everyones mind. Especially for the lurkers and newbies showing up. I don't condone this for the violence but more for the reality of it. I don't care to watch another beheading or see any more dead children. But at the same time I also don't think that they should be forgotten. This is my rant. It may not be as phucking crazy as others but its been on my mind for awhile and its time to get it off my chest. I look forward to the day crews participation and will bump it for the night crew. This is great site as I spend time here daily. If you aren't a member, then Pony your ASS up and do it.

One last thing.........big thumbs up to the Media for posting pics of the beheaded family members, names, next of kin and City and State that they reside. Thanks for making the families of these poor guys easy targets for anyone to find. Thanks for fucking up the real issues of the present Presidential campaigns to post bullshit fraud stories and then retract your reports. Your efforts to pipe bullshit to the masses never ceases to amaze me.....thanks for nothing....and keep up the good work as total FuckTards. [RANT OFF]
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