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Posted: 3/11/2006 2:04:44 PM EDT
1) This is *not* the same suggestion as krob725's "Search Function" thread in this forum. I would like the ability to search below the board level (i.e. at the forum level).

For example, now if I were about to graduate from the po-po academy and was wanting to search for info about GLOCK pistols, the closest I could get would be Board="General" + Keyword(subject)="glock". Look out. Better to be able to search: Board="General | Brothers of the Shield" + Keyword(subject)="glock".

Or, since GD and SF are both on the General board, and I was wanting serious info re "Bretton Woods," it'd be nice to search: Board="General | History" + Keyword(subject)="bretton woods".

2) While I'm at it...... for threads that get locked/trashed, I think the thread's author/originator should still be able to see and/or otherwise "get to it" for an explanation as to why. The threads which *just* get locked have a system msg and everyone gets an explanation: "Locked: Duplicate topic; see thread <link>".

I just think it'd cut down on a lot of the "Why did so-and-so trash my thread?" posts. Those seemed to be more prevalent last year; I dunno if they've slowed down any recently, because I've limited myself to 4-5 forums.

3) Similar to vedubin01's post in this same forum about a "How To" forum, I was thinking about an "Ask Me Questions About My Profession" forum. For example, when people query the ArfBorg, there are usu 10-15 ppl who respond from the relevant profession and can easily answer the question.

In fact, I got this idea after an IM a month or two ago to an awesome Staff Member, when I posed a specific question about his "archaic" profession and he graciously answered my question (while providing much detail/background). To the It was most appreciated, BTW. Though I knew they were there, I did not understand the inherent safety risks and will be contacting a professional.
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