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Posted: 12/31/2003 12:31:43 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/31/2003 1:09:06 AM EDT by clean_cut]
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah:
Recently, Bar-Jonah, 45, was charged in Montana with killing a 10-year-old boy, Zachary Ramsey, cutting him up, and using the body parts for stews. He had a history of sexual offenses against young boys, as well as hanging one from a kitchen ceiling, and he kept hundreds of photographs of children in his apartment.  When he was arrested, he was impersonating a police officer outside an elementary school, and he was carrying a stun gun and pepper spray.

Andrei Chikatilo  
Andrei Chikatilo:  For 12 years, this older man preyed on children in Russia, and while he confessed to as many as 52 murder- mutilations, it's believed that he committed many more. To some extent, what he did might have been influenced by tales his mother told about how his older brother had been cannibalized by Russian peasants driven insane by hunger, because he devoured parts of his victims in that kind of savage manner.  After luring them away from train or bus stations into the woods, he would stab them, stuff their mouths with mud, rip at them with his bare hands, and chew off their genitals.  He also gouged out their eyes or bit off their tongues, and he often carried their organs away with him. At his trial he was placed in a steel cage for his own protection, which made him look even more like a savage beast.  The judge sentenced him to death and he was executed in 1994.

Karl Denke:
He was arrested in 1924 for multiple murder in Poland.  He had the pickled remains of many of his victims in the kitchen and basement of his inn, and apparently he'd eaten parts from as many as thirty-one people.  After one of his lodgers escaped his axe attack and told another who had done it, Denke was arrested. He claimed that for over three years, human flesh had been his sole source of meat. His victims were mostly beggars and journeymen.  He never explained his motives and ended up hanging himself in his cell.

Albert Fish
Albert Fish:  A religious fanatic and sadist, early in childhood he developed an obsession with punishment.  He secretly beat himself with spiked paddles.  He also stuck needles into his groin and lighted alcohol-soaked cotton balls inside his anus. In visions he received commandments that made him believe he was Abraham from the Bible, and just as Abraham was called to sacrifice his only son to the Lord, Fish realized he would have to kill children---or at least to castrate young boys.  It's estimated that he may have molested over 100 children in 23 states, but it was for the murder of 12-year-old Grace Budd when he was 58 that he was arrested.  

He ingratiated himself with the Budd family and then told Grace that he would take her to a birthday party.  Her family never saw her again.

Six years went by and for some inexplicable reason, Fish sent an anonymous note to Grace's mother.  He wrote about how he had taken Grace away, strangled her, and then dismembered her.  Then he claimed that he had cooked certain pieces of her and consumed them. In the stew he made of Grace Budd's flesh, he had added carrots and bacon strips, and as he savored it over the next nine days, he masturbated over his grisly deed. On January 16, 1936, he was executed.    

Robin Gecht:
During the 1980s, he led a group of three other men known as the Ripper Crew or Chicago Rippers in killing an estimated 18 women.  They would kill a victim, sever her left breast with a thin wire, clean it out to use for sexual gratification, and then cut it into pieces to consume.  Ostensibly, they were worshipping Satan, and eating the flesh was a form of devilish communion.

Georg Grossman:
This former butcher engaged in every kind of sexual perversion.  His MO was to bring prostitutes home, have sex, and then cut them up.  He sold the meat on the streets, and when police were called to his apartment, they found the butchered remains of four women.  He hanged himself in prison.

Fritz Haarmann
Fritz Haarmann:  Known as Germany's "Hanover Vampire," Haarmann was a homeless vagrant who learned to butcher meat, which allowed him to start a business. He then brought wandering waifs to his home, fed them, and forced them to have sex. He was stopped when someone discovered a sack of skulls in the canal near his home.  To the police, he confessed to the murder of some 50 young men.  He described how he would grab the boys, and while sodomizing them, would chew through their throat until the head was practically severed from the body.  As he tasted their blood, he achieved orgasm.  He would then cut the flesh from their bodies, consume some of it, and sell the rest on the open market as butchered meat.  He was executed.

Gary Heidnik (AP)
Gary Michael Heidnik:  Despite being schizophrenic, he successfully completed nurse's training, which allowed him to purchase a house in Philadelphia.  There during the 1970s he ran a church frequented by retarded women.  Then he got rich on the stock market, bought a different house and eventually set up a new church that became a prison for sex slaves that he kept chained in the basement of his home.  When two of them died (one from electrocution and the other from hanging in chains for two days), he cut them up and stored the parts.  By some accounts, he ate pieces of them and fed some to his other prisoners.  Heidnik was finally arrested and in 1999, he was executed.

Edmund Kemper (AP)
Ed Kemper:  During the 1970s, he picked up six different college coeds in Santa Cruz, California, and killed them.  Then he shoved them into the trunk of his car to take home.  While his mother slept, Kemper brought the bodies inside to behead and dismember.  He also had sex with them, sometimes with just the heads.  From a few of the girls he cut off pieces of flesh to cook and consume.  Then he murdered his mother and her best friend before turning himself in.  In his confession he said that he'd sliced the flesh from the calves of two of his victims so that he could "possess" them by eating it.  He cooked the pieces in a macaroni casserole.  Kemper is still in prison.

Joachim Kroll:
He started to rape and kill in 1955 when he was 22, and continued for two decades in the Duisberg area of Germany. At one point on a whim, he tasted the flesh from a murdered woman and found that he liked it.  Thereafter, he stalked women or girls that he thought would yield tender meat and left their bodies to be discovered, sans pieces of flesh cut mostly from the buttocks.  Many of them were young, and one was only four years old.  When police finally nabbed him, they found a kettle on his stove boiling carrots and potatoes along with a tiny female hand.

Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole:
These men worked as a team from the time they met in 1976, and after they were caught and imprisoned, both confessed to an unbelievably high number of murders, and later Lucas recanted many of them. Then he said he'd been forced to recant.  Toole claimed to be a cannibal, but Lucas said that he'd abstained because he did not like the taste of barbecue sauce.

Daniel Rakowitz:
In Manhattan's Lower East Side in 1989, this demented man walked around Tompkins Square Park bragging that he'd killed his girlfriend, Monica Beerle.  He said that he'd boiled her head and made soup from her brain.  He'd tasted it and liked it, and thereafter referred to himself as a cannibal.

Arthur Shawcross
Arthur Shawcross:  He killed 11 women in Rochester, New York, from 1989-1990, and while evaluated for insanity, he claimed that he'd consumed the parts of one of his victims after returning to the crime scene.  Postmortem mutilation with missing pieces became part of his MO after the eighth victim, so defense psychiatrists believed him.  However, his insanity plea was rejected and he was sentenced to life without parole.

Link Posted: 12/31/2003 12:47:33 AM EDT
Um, where you going with this?  Do you need someone to talk to?  ...not me, but someone?
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 12:50:47 AM EDT
And you are suprised that evil exists?

Link Posted: 12/31/2003 12:55:16 AM EDT
Damn.. now I'm hungry.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 12:58:33 AM EDT
Excerpts from a site called www.crimelibrary.com

Really fascinating reading, if you're into true-crime.

If your GF hassles you about having a gun, have her go here to read this stuff.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 1:37:42 AM EDT
There are some SICK MF'ers out there......
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 3:12:27 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 3:40:37 AM EDT
Damn clean_cut, after all this reading and posting about murder, torture and mayhem, when you finally fall asleep you're gonna have nightmares and piss the bed.
Link Posted: 12/31/2003 3:46:31 AM EDT
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