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Posted: 6/4/2002 7:52:03 PM EDT
How much are they going for now?
Link Posted: 6/4/2002 8:45:39 PM EDT
I hope a Thompson aficionado will step in here and give better info, but I think a LOT depends on the condition (obviously) and the make and date of the drum.  IIRC, the most recently made Auto-Ordnance drums are in the $600-1000 range while I've seen some guys asking upwards of $2000 for a Colt.
Link Posted: 6/4/2002 8:58:06 PM EDT
While on the subject of "L" mags (50s), how about the "C" mags? (100 rounders). Worth much?


Link Posted: 6/4/2002 11:08:19 PM EDT
A friend of a friend got an auto ordnance Thompson a few (4?) years ago (which his wife STILL doesn't know about), and had me get him a 50-rd drum for it. I paid $200 for one made in the '30s in like-new condition. He'd have a heart attack if he knew what it's worth now, LOL. I remember seeing an ad for a 100-rd drum going for $1200 or so.
Link Posted: 6/5/2002 12:56:18 AM EDT
50 rounders are going for 500+
100 rounders are going for about 1200+ depening on who made em.
Link Posted: 6/5/2002 2:53:16 AM EDT
Anything less than $500 for a reproduction 50 round drum would be a good deal. Generally they are about $500-$650, but for a New York 50 round drum, these are running between $650-$1100.
Of course, it all depends on condition.

The 100 round drums are a different story.
The original Colt 100 round drums run between $3000-$5000. If you find one in good condition less than $2500, buy it.

The reproduction 100 round drums have been running between $800-$1200. This may sound like a good deal, but you would consider yourself extremely lucky if you found a reproduction 100 round drum that actually worked.
Link Posted: 6/5/2002 8:15:21 AM EDT
YIPPIE!!!I ve GOT a 50 AND i can get a 100 for about 800$!!!!!!

HOW can I tell if my 50 is a reproduction?
Link Posted: 6/5/2002 12:13:46 PM EDT
HOW can I tell if my 50 is a reproduction?

Link Posted: 6/5/2002 2:50:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/5/2002 4:50:31 PM EDT
YIPPIE!!!i can get a 100 for about 800$!!!!!!
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Yeah, an $800 paper weight.

HOW can I tell if my 50 is a reproduction?
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The simpliest way is to look at the drum from the back and if the center (core) is hollow then its an original. If its solid then its a reproduction.
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