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Posted: 10/2/2018 10:26:47 AM EDT
What have you rolled up on as a PD, EMT, FD or good ol' civilian that just want to help, that once you get chin deep in it, turned out to be something TOTALLY different??

Here's mine............

It appeared to be a strongarm carjacking and attempted rape possibly.

We passed at 70 mph at night and witnessed a black male dragging a black female out of a Range Rover window on the side of a rural highway in pitch darkness about 60 miles from the middle of nowhere. I mean absolutely nowhere.

Pulled a quick U, unfurled my Superman cape (I was like 24), rolled up, jumped out, and were about 0.0004 seconds away from booting this guy in the face while he attacked a woman in a ditch on the side of the highway in my headlights.

When all of a sudden.....the black male looked up and greeted one of the persons with me by name, so I decided not to shatter his jaw with my Redwing steeltoe and gather more intel.

He complied with my orders to release the woman.......who then immediately jumped to her feet and RAN to HIS van and jumped on the side of the van and commenced to rip the mirror off and scream about "whore" this and "bitch" that.

Turns out.....the Range Rover driver was the wife. The van driver was the husband. The UNSEEN passenger in the van was the mistress, and the wife had been chasing and ramming his van for several miles until the husband pulled over, jerked the wife out of the window, dragged her into the bar ditch, and restrained her as he contemplated his decisions in life. My buddy knew him as a local contractor.

Thought it was a carjack or rape in progress. But SHE was the criminal offender and in the commission of vehicular assault. So everyone jumped back in their van and Rover and went straight back to midnight demolition derby as we stood on the side of the rural highway, watching the red taillights dart back and forth and then disappear into the night.

Glad I didn't kick him in the face.

Glad he OR she didn't kick my ass.

Just a typical Tuesday night in the country, but I learned first hand to SLOW DOWN and size up the scene (EMR/EMT day one training) and not be in such a rush to save the day.

Things are not always as they seem.....
Link Posted: 10/3/2018 1:13:06 PM EDT
Got called to a local gas station just off of the highway that splits our town. The call came out around 3am as a robbery and the suspect took, cigarettes and lotto tickets before jumping in his car and hitting the highway NB.

A county sheriff unit sees the vehicle and is following it in excess of 100 mph for several miles waiting for a second car. We finally light the car up, he pulls over and we do the whole felony stop thing. He complies and we find the evidence in his car.

After all the fun I head back to the gas station to discover it was only a misdemeanor retail fraud of $60.
Link Posted: 10/13/2018 7:21:20 PM EDT
One day we had an "Officer down, needs assistance in C dorm" call out on the radio. Then radio silence. I hauled ass to C dorm, an outside trusty dorm on the outside of the main fence at our prison. As I entered the dorm I was prepared to take down any inmate who got into the way. When I got in the door way I could see an officers legs on the other side of the desk on the floor, and what appeared to be two inmates on top of the officer. The desk was blocking most of my view. I ran around the desk prepared to go to battle with the two thugs. Turned out one of the inmates was the one who made the officer down, officer needs assistance, call out on the radio. The two inmates were actually assisting the officer. She had collapsed from being over heated, and was also diabetic and low on blood sugar. So, we got her to medical and taken care of. For once the inmates actually did a good deed. They were thanked and commended by the command staff.
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