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Posted: 6/29/2002 4:47:43 AM EDT
When I talk to people about gun control I find that it is essential to talk about the underlying agenda. The real issue is not keeping us or our kids safe it is keeping government safe. Bob Schultz has been fighting the income tax issue for a number of years it is worth visiting his site. As you read thru the tax code and case law you find out a few things; There is NO LAW that says the individual who earns a wage should pay tax and Supreme Court case law supports that conclusion and the DOJ has not refuted that fact. They have lied about it and then been sued and made to pay for those lies. The amount of money paid to the government, nobody knows how much that really is, goes to line the pockets of those who own the debt in this country and your friendly neighborhood politician. Most of it is owned by the Federal Reserve a privately owned bank. The file that contains your tax status is doctored so you are listed as an entity required to pay taxes such as a corporation. The true issue behind gun control is keeping those who might someday wake up and see the truth from arming and marching on the government that has made them slaves. www.givemeliberty.org
Link Posted: 6/29/2002 4:53:28 AM EDT
Nick, right you are !! far too many gun owners "FEEL" that gun ownership is about "deer hunting"..., how wrong they are, the right of the poeple to keep & bear arms is to prevent the gov't from OWNING the citizenry.......
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Link Posted: 6/30/2002 4:33:54 AM EDT
No appologies necessary. I expect to be flamed on this issue because it is so volatile. You are right about Schiff's record but I have also read the decisions on his last case and it was dismissed by the judge without it going to trial. And there did not seem to be any legal basis for the dismissal. It was a requested jury trial and there was enough evidence showing that the bank acted with total disregard for the law and had no rebuttal for the facts of law.
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