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Posted: 1/3/2003 8:16:49 PM EST
Constrction [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid43/pceafa1c5165e2df5c605d7b0f726d307/fce645de.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid43/p8a1104bf9084ffcac4d16a15480f875e/fce64022.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid43/p589b121994d1e031a383247019e7d3fb/fce63b3f.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid43/pf2d09160a7bf745d098f3947dd06ffcb/fce63f14.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid45/pc3fa5ee5f8e86ebbd8c5ce8e9a807d48/fcd5bb3a.jpg[/img] How it came out [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid43/pb87de65abdf174e508f95210c0e55ca8/fce63585.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid43/p3d698f3f7774c34885cdf7f3512617ee/fce63d81.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid45/p8784a9d156709dcbc95b944abd48395d/fcd5bb42.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid45/p79760cfaa9d04266dc811a8eccb353a1/fcd5bb40.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:18:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:20:37 PM EST
What did you do for a ceiling and how do you control the humidity?
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:21:29 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:22:45 PM EST
Think the landload would mind me adding one to the apartment? When are you coming over to build mine?
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:24:19 PM EST
Also, what were the dimensions inside when you were done? Did you mix your own concrete or have it brought in? If you had it brought it what did it cost?
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:25:58 PM EST
thank you, good to be here, cool site, no doubt the ceiling is pliwood layed down over the opening. then I pour concreat over the pli inside a 2x6 frame I got both a dehidifier and a heater which works good in the winter hotter than hell in the summer tho gotta talk to somebody about that
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:30:11 PM EST
Yep.. there are a couple over by the M1 Carbine that have complete rusted away .. no metal left to be seen... Looks great ... now to figure out where I want to build one similar to it ... Ted...
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:30:33 PM EST
shit you would have ta ask the dimenshions. I think it was 66 wide by 78 long x 84 tall inside i had to have the walls pumped creat cuz of hows its back of the garage all the creat came from local company in trucks. trucks couldn't get back there the roof i had to shovel in mostly beat me to hell stuff is heavy
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:32:59 PM EST
i should say they ain't all my guns storing some for some people i get to shoot them of course grins
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:35:17 PM EST
schweet [%(]
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:37:40 PM EST
That is wild! Looks like you knew what you were doing! Do you ever sleep in there?
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:37:57 PM EST
You'll fit in well here! [:D]
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:40:40 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 8:43:39 PM EST
Originally Posted By Wolfpack: What state are you in? Go visit the hometown forums, find your area and say hi.... [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/board.html?b=8[/url]
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I'm guessing probably Mississippi, Louisiana or Florida, with the heat and humidity and all...then again, it could be Maine for all I know.
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 9:13:56 PM EST
Ok, I'm a dumbass, but what's with that little door that looks like its heading into the garage? FOTBR btw, welcome to the board
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 9:15:14 PM EST
Reminds me of the rooftop bunker from the movie Commando with Ah-nuld. [:D]
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 9:50:47 PM EST
OK as an AC/Refrigeration guy I can make a suggestion for "cool"?? You cant put in a window type unit. You will create a "Weak spot" for a B&E. Find someone "TRUSTWORTHY" that can install a "Split system" whereas the only hole in the wall that you will need is 2" in diameter. Fine looking job!!!
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 9:50:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/3/2003 9:52:24 PM EST by aztrooper]
Did you have to swear the concrete truck driver to secrecy, or did you bury him out behind the shed? You can't be too careful with those secret bunkers. That is awesome. To bad you couldnt go bigger. So you could but the ham radio, generator and all that inside.
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 10:16:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/3/2003 10:23:32 PM EST by durk]
very nice! the little entrance door appears to be wood. why did you waste all the money on concrete if you're just gonna put a wood door on it? what happens if you have a fire in the shop and your small hidden door lights up 2. maybe its painted steel but it sure looks like wood with 2 deadbolts or some kind of locks. other than that... looks cool as hell man! good job. edited to say... after i looked some more i see that you had what looks like a metal frame in there before you poured the concrete. i guess the door is probably metal as well. if so... my mistake!
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 11:52:55 PM EST
Cooool, I want one.
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 12:01:35 AM EST
How many yards of concrete did that take, and what type of foundation did you use? Looks like that may be what I do for the next shed. The wife has been on me about one, but I have been procrastinating.
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 7:05:33 AM EST
very cool
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 7:16:48 AM EST
Holy shit, I want one too! [beer] Great job.
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 7:40:43 AM EST
I think I love you. (kidding...not gay) Very nice...would you like to come to Wisconsin and build another one? Signed, The very STRAIGHT and loves his WIFE Kurt_Austin
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 8:32:54 AM EST
Very red clay...hmmmmm. Georgia or Carolina? So, from the outside it looks like a tool shed but, from the inside a gun bunker. Very stealthy.
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 2:32:58 PM EST
its a metal door 3/16" plate on box channel frame 3 yards for the foundation which is a monolithic slab with rebar reinforce 12-14' thick at the perimeter 6"+ in the center 5 yards for the walls which are 8" thick rebar reinforced 2 yards (maybe 3) for the cap. dumb ass me ate 3 yards of 5,000 lb test almost 400 bucks shit sets up faster than a gun banner tellin lies venom my man - if the wife be ridin' ya bout doing it - DO IT!!!! Total cost with my labor (NOT including my dumb assness) bout 1800 Door was kinda pricey bout 500 local shop fabricated it for me - my design
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 2:38:58 PM EST
Originally Posted By NAKED-GUNMAN: Very red clay...hmmmmm. Georgia or Carolina? So, from the outside it looks like a tool shed but, from the inside a gun bunker. Very stealthy.
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Possibly VA, but then there's the tall pines in the background...
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 5:17:35 PM EST
I've got to get a house. I'm gonna be the only one here without a bunker! [:)]
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