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Posted: 10/18/2008 4:28:23 PM EST
So today was the Washington Arms Collectors gun show at the Monroe, Washington fairgrounds.

Today was also the day that the striking Boeing workers picked up their strike checks from the union.

So guess what the striking union members had to walk past twice to get their strike checks...the back door to the gun show.

Me, R-32, Gibby and Tumbleweed sat at the picnic benches and shot the shit while watching all the people who build Boeing aircraft walk on by.

As Tumbleweed put it, "It used to be 'If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going, after seeing the people who work at Boeing it's now "If it's Boeing, I ain't going".

One of WA hometown forum members works for a company that makes parts for Boeing.

Due to the Boeing workers strike his company was forced to lay him off, so he came to the fun show to unload a couple of firearms for some "just in case" money.

As he came up he got the usual ration of shit from the WA hometown guys.

One of them then asked in a loud voice (so all the striking Boeing workers in a 10 block area could hear) "Hey Spankybear, how's the job going?"

Spankybear replied "I have a Mosin-Nagant and I am not afraid to use it".

The the WA hometown buddy asked why he didn't have a job, to which Spankybear replied "Because of the fucking Boeing strike".

The observent WA homwtown member then stated (in that loud voice) "What the fuck Spankybear, you lost your job because of the Striking Boeing workers? Get your ass in the Strike pay line and demand your fucking strike check, you lost your job because of these striking fucks, you deserve that $125 weekly check just as much as they do".

There was a very quiet pause, the striking Boeing workers looked on, lowered their eyes and quickly walked around us.

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