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Posted: 3/15/2001 5:15:11 PM EDT

MPR.ammo (Minimal Penetration Round.)

Specifications. .223 hollow point.
Velocity; 3,600 FPS. 16” barrel.
3,800 FPS 20” barrel.

Blackfoot PD. Test:Witnesed by SGT Barbre and Officer Jeff Hintze.
Penetration test; 16” barrel,MPR ammo penetrated 3 walls; 20” barrel penetrated 2 1/2 walls, compared to standard 50-grain hollow points which penetrated 4+ walls. Only 4 walls where set up!

Wall specifications; 1/2” sheet rock with 4” of fiberglass insulation and another 1/2” of sheet rock to simulate exterior walls. MPS ammo penetrated 30-50% less than standard ammo.
Pocatello PD. Test: Same wall construction! .223 FED 69bthp match 71/2 walls.
.223 FED 55bthp match 8+ walls.
.9mm FED 124 Hydra Shock 8+ walls.
.223 MPR. ammo 3 walls.

Witnessed by LT. Wheatly, Officer Marshand, and several others.
TO contact LT. Wheatly Call Poc. PD. (208) -234-6100

Specific ammunition use: For entry-level ammunition: To Limit over penetration and to help safeguard innocent by-standers; thus limiting liability.

Excellent for: law enforcement and home defense.
For further information or to purchase Call Toll Free 1-877-715-0600. www.moaammo.com
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 2:10:45 PM EDT
They should use rubber bullets, for their no knock raids of course.
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