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Posted: 5/30/2002 2:19:26 AM EDT
After having a conversation with my step-daughter, whom we visited during the weekend, I was kinda angered by the ideas implanted by the schools, politicians, etc in this state.

How to fight back, information.
Better yet, people like games/challenges so here is what I plan to do.

1)First, I emailed her this letter:


I have a few things for you to read. I'll try to limit what I send you so you are not overwhelmed just informed with the problem with gun control.

Here is a link to one:

Gun control, of any type does not work.

I have a challenge for you and anyone else you foward this two.

I'll post articles or info on a web page or email, disprove what is said or prove them to be wrong/lies, etc...

I may even see if I can come up with some reward or prize, let me ask around first.[/i]

2) I need help with articles, information, online presentations, etc that would appeal to mature younger audiences.

I know i've seen Macromedia Flash presentations, etc links to these would be good.

[b]I believe that info that is brief and to the point is best, things that raise questions[/b]

3) I may offer something (I have to figure out what I can afford and what to offer) to the first person who can prove these things to be wrong.

In the future, not only in California but in other states as well, these are the future voters. Understand that as they go on to college, work, etc.. they may end up in your state. This is your future!
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 2:27:57 AM EDT
That's a good start.
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 4:55:47 AM EDT

This is an great site.

Flash movies are on upper left.

Have you taken her shooting yet?
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 5:16:08 AM EDT
Speaking as a Young Adult who was formerly a moderate anti (believed auto should be completely illegal, no probs with full registration or checks, etc).....the only thing that can really drive your points home is to take them shooting. It is what worked for me. Within one year I was hitting pro-RKBA sights for more info (KABA, GOA, FiringLine, here). Within two I'd applied for and recieved my license and purchase my first handgun. Today I go to pick up my first AR-15 (first, but not last!). This is pretty much one of the most solid ways I have found to dispell the whole 'aura' of guns.

One thing I have noticed.....most teens don't like to be preached at, and they don't like to feel forced into anything. They also don't like to be told that they are wrong. Provide information, resources, etc...but don't present it as 'this proves you wrong', or 'this proves your position flawed'. It's not easy, but the best way is to subtly 'guide' them to self-realization. You've seemed to do a good job of that in what you wrote.

And you are absolutely right....things that raise questions are the best.
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 5:55:41 AM EDT
Don't say a word.

its my personal opinion that young adults almost completely lack the ability for serious analytical thinking. Much as they want the world to beleive they are "their own person" they generally regurgitate the "logic' that the most impressive person in their life has fed them.

And lest anyone think I am bashing others, being 35 myself, I happen to believe the real ability to think critically [b]begins[/b] mid to late thirties. True. [BD]

So, in answer to your question....given young peoples handicap in logically working things out, you want to capitalize on their ability to "learn truth" tactilly, thru touch and personal experience.

Take them to the range. Under careful supervision, show them the workings of the .22 LR rimfire rifle. Stress safety, but don't bore them with techy data and the things you and I drool over, cuz it will bore them. Have them fire the rufle themselves. Use "knock down" type targets, that are reactive, where they can "experience" the fun of shooting. Generally punchin paper, that'll make you and me giddy, will bore them.

[b]Summarizing, when they come to regard shooting as fun, THEN they will regard it as morally right. But they'll have to EXPERIENCE it for themselves. Book lurnin' will NEVER do.[/b]

THEN, [b]SLOWLY [/b] begin indoctrinating them with the logical truths re: gun wnership and the second amendment.

Much as we like to bash teens morals, they STILL operate under a very strict, albeit divergent, code of morality. its their nature to do so. Only in later adult life do we learn to violate our own code of morality.

When they regard shooting as fun, they will regard shooting as right. when they regard it as right, THEN they will be willing to learn and accept the truths of Second Amendment gun ownership.

Good luck.
[edited to add]

By "analytical / critical thinking" I mean the ability to evaluate your own long- held beliefs, those beliefs which were fed you by that "most impressive person" and abandon those cherished beleifs in the light of evidence to the contrary.

Link Posted: 5/30/2002 1:52:36 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 2:04:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 2:08:35 PM EDT

Oleg Volk is a very effective communicator.
Link Posted: 5/30/2002 4:49:39 PM EDT
It has also been my experience that taking a person shooting doesn't work. Not even the actual experience changes their opinion that "guns are symbols of unlimited power that make people want to kill".
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Depends on what kind of expectations you pin on the range visit. If you're going for a fun afternoon of shooting (something entirely new to your friend), it can be a positive event. At the very least, your friend will now know that not every gun owner is a bloodthirsty lunatic. (Probably one of the most powerful tempering influences in the anti-gun movement is that just about everyone has at least one gun-owning friend that doesn't fit the anti's "lunatic" stereotype.)

If you're going with the intent of showing your friend that (a.) he is dead wrong about gun ownership or (b.) shooting guns isn't really so scary, then you're skating on thin ice.

The best results invariably follow when the curriculum isn't forced.
Link Posted: 6/2/2002 12:33:18 AM EDT
This is a start, anyone else have any suggestions??

BTT [:)]
Link Posted: 6/2/2002 12:49:08 AM EDT
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