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Posted: 10/2/2004 7:13:41 PM EDT
This is from the My War blog, I know some of you guys used to read it. Just decided to check it one last time before I deleted the bookmarks and what do ya know, the site was updated. Anyway, this isn't thie whole entry, you'll have to go to the link for the whole thing. But i think it's a read thats worth it.

In The Service Of The Queen
Here is an e-mail I recieved from my B.C.:

Yours is a voice that many have heard. We have not simply heard what you have said; we have, and continue to, listen to what you are saying. Far too often we simply carry on an inner dialogue when someone else speaks tore hearse what we will say when they finish. This war on terrorism will be with us for some time, so I offer an open letter to the generation I will pass this burden on to.

I believe that we are making progress in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Despite the ravings of pundits and uninformed ambulance chasers, this fight doesn't' hinge on oil or payback. It isn't about religion or race. And it damn sure is not about any innate desire to rule the world. These people will succeed or fail on their own merits. The task is daunting. You can release a person from bondage. You can remove a tyrant from power. You can create the conditions for liberty. But, you cannot simply grant or proclaim freedom. Freedom without honest action is a whisper in a storm just as change withoutvision and purpose is the illusion of progress. For ages these people wereliterally beaten to the point of submission by oppression, censure, murder,torture, and rape - regardless of age or gender. I have asked myself whythey let it happen. The only answer I can fathom is that evil flourished because good people refused to pay the price required to oppose it. Sure, it's easy now to pontificate and blame the poor and down trodden for theircollective indifference, but forgive my sarcasm - I think we owe them morethan a couple of days to realize that their hopes and dreams have a chanceto grow and one day flourish. No amount of rhetoric and no pressing agendawill change the fact that time is required to help heal these people andthat ancient grievances require redress. Make no mistake: I'm no crusader -I do what I do because I am a professional soldier. For me it's been simple:protect the innocent, punish the deserving, accomplish my mission and bringmy men home, period. As Sting said "Poets, Priests, and Politicians havewords to thank for their positions." For a soldier it is black and white:deeds not words. If you need words to better illustrate, the Latin mottos oftwo Infantry Regiments I have served in will suffice: "Sua Sponte" and "NeDesit Virtus": Of their own accord and Let Valor not fail. Or in true cowboy fashion: Saddle your own horse, cull your own herd, and bury yourown dead.

Link Posted: 10/2/2004 7:32:32 PM EDT
That's an EXCELLENT piece.
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