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Posted: 4/2/2001 8:48:06 AM EDT
By its very nature a government, no matter how well designed, will always move to usurp the liberties of its citizens, if for no other reason than the benign belief that government knows best.

President Steyr.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 12:01:20 PM EDT
"If a man is not a liberal by the time he is 20 years old, he has no heart.  If a man is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain."
Winston Churchill

Problem is,  too many "20" year-old politicians out there.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 12:09:57 PM EDT
"A full auto in every home, and a RPG in every garage."

Garandman, Director of Fireams Imports

On a (slightly) more serious note, here's one of my favorite quotes of all times-

[i]Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776:

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." [/i]

Link Posted: 4/2/2001 12:24:43 PM EDT
"The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."


"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

- Thomas Jefferson
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 12:33:30 PM EDT
“For those who possess and can wield arms are in a position to decide whether the constitution is to continue or not."

"Turkish rule in Arabia did not end when the Turks left, but rather when the Arabians no longer viewed it as legitimate."
--T.E.Lawrence, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"

"Happiness is interlocking fields of fire."

Semper Fi
Jarhead out.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 12:50:25 PM EDT
It is better to copulate than never.-L.Long

If you don't like yourself you can't like other people.
    -- Lazarus Long
One man's theology is another man's belly laugh.
    -- Lazarus Long
Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.
    -- Lazarus Long
But, Minerva, love is what still goes on when you are not horny.
--Lazurus Long, Time Enough For Love, pg 295

I was a bottle baby [...] In consequence I've been looking at tits and admiring them ever since.
--Lazurus Long, Time Enough For Love, pg 373

God must love skin since he makes so much of it. Covering it with cloth or leather or fur in the name of 'decency' is a vice thought
    up by dirty old men; don't blame it on God.
    -- RAH
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 1:12:30 PM EDT
1.  Women get mean when they get married.
2.  Men get stupid when they get married.

The question becomes--
Do women get mean because their husbands get stupid, or do men get stupid because their women get mean?

(A married couple, no kids, no visitors)--

(Wife) "And just who left their Jockey Shorts on the bathroom floor??!!??"

(Husband)"I dunno."

(Wife)"I've told you a million times not to leave them on the floor, and you leave the toilet seat up, and the........"
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 1:20:26 PM EDT
"We aint making no god damn cornflakes here"

Colonel Charles"Charging Charlie" Beckwith
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 3:00:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 3:05:32 PM EDT
There is always time to do it right the second time.

"Shit happens"
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 3:42:52 PM EDT
'Never underestimate the Predictability of Stupidity'

Link Posted: 4/2/2001 3:44:49 PM EDT
About people:

You can polish a rock, and polish a rock and all you have is a polished rock.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 3:50:15 PM EDT
 The Law of Reality :
    Never get into fights with ugly people,
 they have nothing to lose.

 Law of Legal Rights :
    Everyone has a right to be stupid.
 Some just abuse the privilege
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 3:55:16 PM EDT
Kommunism Kan Kiss my Keister.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 4:01:16 PM EDT
"I wont stop till I have all your guns"That was that Brady witch or Aunty Hummer! Get a two seeted broom and be gone!!!!!
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 4:06:16 PM EDT
"If a man is not a liberal by the time he is 20 years old, he has no heart.  If a man is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain."
Winston Churchill
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You know, I've always thought that half of this quote is total bullshit. I am 33, have never been anywhere near what is considered being a liberal, and yet I think I have a heart. I have always believed in compassion coupled with limited forms of charity designed to enable the less fortunate to help better themselves. If believing that the situation in which one finds himself is predominantly the result of that individuals own decisions and actions or that empowering people to improve their lives is a better and more rewarding solution than simply endlessly throwing money at them, well, then, I guess that I truly do have no heart.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 4:52:56 PM EDT
You can drink 'em pretty but
you can't drink 'em skinny.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 5:04:33 PM EDT
"He who WILL not reason is a bigot, He who CANNOT reason is a fool, and he who DARES not reason is a slave."

I got that off the internet.  I don't remember the site or the author.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 5:39:09 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 5:53:23 PM EDT
"Live your life in such a way as to not be ashamed if anything you say or do is published for all the world to see...even if it's not true."  Some bool I read in pych class.  
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 6:03:21 PM EDT
It's not hard to do the right thing, It's hard to know what the right thing to do is.

Once you know what the right thing to do is, it's easy to do the right thing.

Link Posted: 4/2/2001 6:29:28 PM EDT
You can not polish a turd.
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 6:50:07 PM EDT
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed -- and thus clamorous to be led to safety -- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." -- H.L. Mencken
* * *
Link Posted: 4/2/2001 7:20:00 PM EDT
"If you're not havin' Fun, you're Workin'..."

I said that.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 12:06:49 AM EDT

"God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time."-- Robin Williams
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 12:19:50 AM EDT
Your honor is your own, only you can destroy it.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 12:46:10 AM EDT
All preban Ar 15's for sale have "never been fired".
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 2:05:50 AM EDT
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."
-- Ambrose Redmoon

"Any alleged "right" of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right."
-- Ayn Rand

"To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead."
-- Thomas Paine

"Once you stop fearing government, the government fears you."
-- Robert D. Graham, tax rebel

"It is just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people that wants to remain servile as it is to enslave a people that wants to remain free."
-- Niccolo Machiavelli
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 5:08:13 AM EDT
"Scooby Doo and Shaggy too!"
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 5:17:03 AM EDT
Never argue with an idiot.

Don't fight a bear in its cave.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 12:28:11 PM EDT
1.  A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush.

2.  Barbra Streishand is lame.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 12:43:58 PM EDT
"He who wishes to fight must
first count the cost,"

---Sun Tzu, Art of War
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 1:08:08 PM EDT
All warfare is based on deception.

    Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable;  when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near,  we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away,  we
must make him believe we are near.

Hold out baits to entice the enemy.  Feign disorder, and CRUSH him.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 1:16:08 PM EDT
The Early Bird Catches The Worm, but The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese...
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 1:26:14 PM EDT
your heart has reasons that reason knows nothing about.
I forgot who wrote this but it stuck
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