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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/27/2001 1:19:14 PM EST
Thank you for writing to me at info@kyl.senate.gov. In an effort to respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible, I am no longer receiving e-mail at this address. I have chosen instead to use a new web-based system that allows me to quickly review the thousands of e-mails I receive and give priority to those from my constituents in Arizona. Regular e-mails have now escalated from a few hundred a week only two years ago to almost 5,000 weekly. Most of these e-mails are from out-of-state individuals and lobby groups in Washington. In some cases, I have found that these groups send messages without the knowledge or consent of the people whose names they sign! The sheer volume can overload my office's information infrastructure, and has hindered my ability to respond to constituents as quickly as I would like. My website -- http://www.senate.gov/~kyl -- has been designed to help me communicate with Arizonans in an informative and efficient way. For those interested in policy or legislative issues, please follow the "Issue Positions" link from my home page. My views on a variety issues are listed there. If you would like to share your opinion, please click on the "Contact Me" button at the top of my home page. If you are having a problem with a federal agency – for example, if you have not received a Social Security check, or you are having difficulty obtaining Medicare or veterans benefits – visit my "Online Assistance Center" on the "Casework" page of my website. Here you will find useful information provided by federal agencies that may allow you to resolve the problem. If you still need assistance, please complete the "Request for Assistance" form also found on the "Casework" page of my website. You can also check the "Services for Arizonans" section of my website for information about federal grants, regulations, bills pending in the Senate, and other information about the federal government. Thank you again for contacting me. I am very interested in addressing your concerns, so I hope that this new web-based e-mail system will be an effective means for you to reach me. I believe it will allow me to sort through the many e-mails I receive and focus my attention on those that are most important -- those from the people of Arizona. Sincerely, Jon Kyl United States Senator
Link Posted: 9/27/2001 1:21:18 PM EST
So apparently they dont want us using systems like vote.com? What is the deal with this? Anyone else getting this from their Senator?
Link Posted: 9/27/2001 1:49:25 PM EST
Honestly, I think this is a good thing. If he's trying to just read email from his constituents, he's more likely to cast some weight to their subjects and views, vs. just lumping it in to "another email from where ever". Vote.com is a joke. So are most web polls. Look for more politicians to follow suit in the near future.
Link Posted: 9/27/2001 3:39:52 PM EST
This is the response I received from Bart Stupak, low life from Michigan. Subject - AutoResponse to Public Email Thank you for your recent email correspondence. I receive a very large volume of email each day and use this input to gauge how the people of the First Congressional District of Michigan feel about various issues. Your correspondence is important to me and I want a chance to review your message prior to sending you a final response. I respond to email from my district through US Postal Service. Therefore, if you did not already do so, please ensure that your message includes a mailing address at the beginning of the email. Due to the large volume of emails I receive, I will not respond to emails that do not include both an address and a message. Constituents of the 1st District of Michigan will receive a written response from me in the next few weeks. If your concerns requires immediate attention, please contact my toll free number @ 1-800/950-7371. Fred
Link Posted: 9/27/2001 3:45:49 PM EST
Originally Posted By Fred_Short: This is the response I received from Bart Stupak, low life from Michigan.
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Huh- I thought he got hammered by a big NRA push against him in his last election...?
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